I can’t adult today

A little Friday funny …

i can't adult today

… with more than a few grains of truth to it!

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The day has dawned

The day has dawned. Today is the day.

sunrise 365 dot com

Send love, light and a just outcome please universe.

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Miles {a happy update}

Remember this gorgeous guy, Miles?


I had some news today: Miles has a new home!

Miles is with his new family as of Sunday. They own their home, with dog door and independent access to inside and outside as he wants, a nice big backyard and an active family accustomed to walking dogs each day. They lost their 14 year old dog last year and it has taken them sometime to be ready for another dog. When they were, Miles was the first dog they met and they laughed in delight on meeting him. {How awesome is that?!} Best of all – he has made the dream of a 10 year old kid come true. On meeting the family he, fell at the child’s feet rolling in pleasure! It was love at first site for both of them. 

While for us this is a week of deep sadness and grief, I have no words to describe letting him go or continually having to remember he is no longer living with us. I miss him every minute and keep hearing a phantom jingle of his collar! Our grief is greatly eased knowing he is with a lovely family so delighted to have him – finding such joy is his wonderful nature – and a kid he had an instant and warm response to. 

Big hugs to his first family and happy new family Miles. What a happy ending for this fuzzy love.

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Really beautiful treasures

As I started writing today’s post, I thought I’d written about it before … a search found that almost a year ago to the day I published this letter to Love Bug.

360-something days later and she is still a collector of treasures. The end of each kindy day is filled with awe and surprise {close your eyes mumma, I will show you really beautiful treasures}. She finds beauty in the smallest of things.

Walks are always finished by emptying our pockets/bags of the fun we’ve found.


I hope my treasure continues to find the beauty in the every day, that her eyes always light up at the most regular of things, and that she sees infinite possibility in the world around her.

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That one time when Beary was a model

We got some of the photos yesterday – they’re gorgeous. Mind you, their subject matter is pretty easy on the eye {in my own very biased opinion}.








Peter is just getting his pet photography website and social media up and running, so I will share more details with you once I have them.

These are just a few of my favourites!


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What a mission

Love Bug needed some new sheets for her big girl bed, and we’d seen some cute spotty ones so set off yesterday to buy them. The store had one set left, they were on sale and there was a cute cushion she picked up – for five dollars. Too easy.

Yep, too easy until we got home. I popped the sheets in the washing machine and then took the linen off her bed. At which point I thought we might move her bed around. And her bedside table. And drawers. And tidy up her toys. And. And. And.

Next thing you know, many hours had passed and Love Bug has a new bedroom layout – complete with new linen. What a mission!



Last night she slept without the guard rail on her bed. Despite practicing falling out onto the cushions I’d put on the floor {just in case} before she went to sleep, she slept soundly and right through. No crash landings needed.

In the rearranging, we discovered a definite need for some sort of storage system for errant toys. Oh, and a side table lamp. Maybe we’ll tackle those next month …

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Ballet bows and bunny tails


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