Reasons to stay alive

The Sydney Writers’ Festival is on next week. My SWF Friday dance card is full {with nary a moment to breathe/get coffee/pee/get wine in between lectures} and I’m excited!

I saw a poster for the Festival on a bus shelter and have been haunted by the words since I read them. To me, they are perfect.

Reasons to stay alive

I have since listened to Matt Haig’s book on Audible. Yes, I’ve become one of those people who is reading a paper book and listening to an audio book at the same time.

So much more opportunity to soak up words!

{If you haven’t yet become a convert to Audible, you should. First book is free and if you’re an avid reader you pretty quickly accumulate credits!}

**Not sponsored by SWF or Audible!**

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Wordless Wednesday {now you see them}

We celebrated Bella’s 10th birthday last night with the pupcakes I posted yesterday. I topped them with special icing – a combination of natural yoghurt and nut paste, then topped Bella and Beary’s with an extra special birthday treat of carob drops.

I would like to say I then captured many perfectly clear photos of the fuzzies {and Love Bug} enjoying their pupcakes. But: pupcakes. And carob. Now you see them …

I think this may be my favourite photo though … the second there were no pupcakes left on the tray, Bella went straight into the kitchen and stood in front of the oven.

But mumma, this is where they were before we ate them.


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Tasty Tuesday {pupcakes for Bella}

A few months ago our friends over at 2 Dawgs Blog posted about Freighter’s Third Birthday. I flagged that post because I thought the pupcakes therein sounded pup-e-licious. And {unlike some others I’ve tried} the addition of honey to the recipe made them sound like Love Bug and I might be able to eat them too.

Today is Bella’s 10th birthday. Ten? 10. Double digits. One zero. How? When? Although we’re still 11 or so weeks away from her gotcha day, that’s a decade of puppy love. Unconditional, incredible puppy love. Every day she makes my world a brighter place.

1 cup shredded carrot
1/3 cup raw honey
1 egg
1/4 cup peanut butter or nut paste
1/3 cup coconut oil
1 cup g/free flour
1/3 cup quick oats
1 tsp baking soda

Mix wet ingredients, in separate bowl mix dry. Combine. Bake on 190 15-25 mins until lightly golden on top. Optional topping mix nut paste with some natural yoghurt.

I’m just going to test the batter …

What do you mean I can’t because they’re not cooked yet?

How do I get in there?

It’s just not fair to make a pup pal wait!

They smell good mumma! Maybe we better taste just one? Tomorrow is SO far away …

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to check out our party!

Is it tomorrow yet?


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I didn’t think Fairy Godmothers aged?

Love Bug’s Fairy Godmother is turning 40 today. She was in her 20s the fateful day we met working together at 20th Century Fox all of those years ago. I was trying to find a photo or two which would depict our friendship. I found hundreds. Literally.

What I see when I look at these photos are happy, smiling people. What I remember is silliness, fun, champagne and adventures. What I know are the times when, behind the smiles, there were hard times for both of us. Times that our friendship helped us through.

Happy birthday to our beautiful friend Karli. You haven’t aged a day since we met. We love you to the moon and back. Infinity.

Here’s to 40 {at least} more … although we may need to be careful jump dancing in another 40 years time!

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The world is fun with you

You’re my mumma.

For ever and ever.

I chose you to be my mumma because you are the best mumma for me.

And because you chose Bella and Beary.

It’s Mother’s Day today. I’m going to get your presents and be right back, okay?

{Plants big smoochy kiss on me.}

The world is fun with you.

The world is fun with you 

Verbatim. Pre-7am. I am a lucky mumma.

Happy Mother’s Day to my own gorgeous mumma. Thank you for teaching me what it is to be a good mumma. How lucky I am to learn from the best!

To my friends who are mummas, mummas-to-be, to those who have angel bubbas, and to those fighting infertility {no matter what stage of the battle you’re at}, and to those mummas of fur-kids – sending you all big loves today and all the days you need some extra.


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Mother’s Day at Kindy


Mother’s Day morning tea at kindy. Ah, the happiness that is being Love Bug’s mumma!

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Tag, you’re it!

Tag, you're it!

Tag, you’re it!

Sounds like fun, huh? Well, most of the time it is. But sometimes it’s not. Sometimes, it’s bloody hard work being IT.

The life of a single parent {in my case single mumma so my default is to refer to being a single mumma, but I mean any parent who is solo} is exhilarating.

It’s fun, amazing, challenging, wonderful, devastating, more phenomenal than I could ever have imagined in my wildest dreams.

Except when it’s not.

I should clarify now that it’s not parenting that’s not, rather life.

When the second reminder for your electricity account arrives in the post.

When your rent gets put up.

When you’re salary for the month doesn’t quite extend to the emergencies that pop up.

When you have to make the decision about where to send your child to school. In seven years time.

Some days, even the smallest of the thousand decisions you make each day as a sole parent, seems just too hard.

Tag, I’m it.

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