What happens when you are bouncing on the trampoline with your best buddy and the back of his head collides with your cheekbone?


Oh hi Bruiser!

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School readiness

I have seen the words school readiness a few times this week. And I’m just not sure I am. Sure it’s exciting. Sure Love Bug is going to look ridiculously cute in her too big uniform. Sure it’s wonderful.

But where the hell did the last four and three quarter years go?

Seriously? Where?

I feel like I blinked and they were gone! I know everyone warned me before I had her to cherish every moment because it goes by at lightning speed, but I think it went by faster. In fact, I’m sure it did.

Today I got confirmation of the hours for her first day of kindergarten. Yesterday I got a note from preschool about bringing in special lunch boxes so they can get used to having their lunch from a lunchbox.

Tomorrow I’ll probably be getting notification of her graduation from grade 12. That’s certainly how it feels right now.

School readiness

I am determined to soak up every single second of our summertime this year. Even more than usual. Has anyone managed to find the pause button?

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Sydney real estate you are killing me

I’ve been a little edgy at home of late. I walk from room to room feeling like things need changing. Having always been a girl who likes to change things up, I put it down to that.

Until I realised the other day that I wasn’t really actioning the tweaks and changes that were popping into my head. Why? Fear of having to move. We’ve moved four times since Love Bug was born {yes, she is only four} and notification of needing to move has come around this time of year. I think the underlying fear that it may happen again {with our current lease expiring early December} has frightened me to inaction.

To get a step ahead … and so I can go ahead with my little back garden project … I reached out to our real estate agent to see if we could sign another 12 month lease. After a few days they came back to me.

You can, for an extra $40 per week. Okay, so $40 per week doesn’t sound like too much in the scheme of things – but what it does is take our rent to an almost incredulous amount each week.

Sydney real estate you are killing me

Jokes … this is Strickland House. We could not afford to rent the front gate!

On the upside I suppose {desperate for a silver lining} I won’t be paying so much in fees next year. I’ll still be paying school fees and before and after school fees, but they won’t be as high as they are currently.

Sydney real estate you are killing me. In the very least, you are killing any option to save or go on holidays!

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I would have been on time, but

I say this a lot, but I really need to pinch myself some days: how did I get so lucky?

As we struggled to leave the house this morning, Love Bug on Love Bug Time {which is wherever we are minus at least 30 minutes}, instead of hurrying her along, which seems to have the exact opposite effect, I decided instead to lay down with Bella and Beary for an extra cuddle to start our day.

I would have been on time, but …


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I’m asking the question … and answering it too!

do not confuse my bad days as a sign of weakness

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and in Australia it is R U OK Day, so I’m asking the question:

Are you okay?

I’ve shared my struggles with anxiety and those of my friends with depression and attempted suicide. People often look like they’re totally fine on the outside, but are fighting the biggest fight of their lives internally.

If you ever need someone to talk to, please reach out … even if you’ve never said hi to me before. You can find me on Twitter and send me a personal message if you’d rather say hi privately.

Me? I’m doing okay right now. I’m medicated for my anxiety. I’m seeing a professional to help me talk things through, and we’re also working on increasing my mindfulness. It all seems to be helping. I still have days that aren’t fabulous, and I do get insanely anxious about things that may not bother other people at all, but for now, I’m okay.

Black Dog World Suicide Prevention Day

From Black Dog Institute‘s Facebook page:

Suicide is preventable, yet, sadly, 2,500 Australians die by suicide every year and more than 60,000 make an attempt.

An historic meeting of local and international experts, clinicians, community health services, workplaces and people personally affected by suicide resulted in a unanimous agreement that we can no longer watch lives being lost while a solution is available.

A new, evidence-based approach to suicide prevention has been developed. We estimate this solution will reduce the Australian suicide rate by at least 20% in just a few years. To find out more about the systems approach, check out our website.

We believe this approach needs to be implemented immediately.

We urgently call for the Federal Government to fund this life-saving systems based approach, initially in twelve locations and then across Australia.

How can you help?

Personalise this letter template and post or email to your local Member of Parliament.

robin williams


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Wordless Wednesday {now you see me}

Wordless Wednesday {now you see me}

It’s really tricky to stay awake when your mumma is giving you just the right amount of tickles, isn’t it?

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Tasty Tuesday {build a longer table}

With the refugee crisis front of mind, when this popped up on my Facebook feed,  I just had to share it.

Tasty Tuesday {build a longer table}

What a great reminder to all of us.

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