Mumma, you’re doing it wrong

Love Bug had a great time unpacking her boxes in the kitchen. So much so that I wondered what I’d done wrong. I certainly didn’t have that much fun.


Maybe for the next room I’ll wear Love Bug antennae, carry a Love Bug wand, have some furry company and take time to pop bubbles in the bubble wrap?

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Groundhog Day

And we’re off! I have my three loves and my ‘dancing shoes’ – what more does a mumma need?





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They know

I feel for Bella and Beary. As soon as the boxes came out, Beary started to get stressed. Out came the Adaptil plug-in, collar and spray for his bandanna.

I knew things had reached peak pup pal stress in our house when Bella {who has moved almost as many times as her mumma!} also decided to be velcro dog. She hasn’t left my side for the past few days and even nudged her snout into the shower yesterday morning.

They know

As she lay on the floor watching me pack the last of the kitchen and clean out the fridge last night, I wished I could explain to them. I’ve been giving them loads of cuddles, brushes, scratchies and extra loves. They will spend the day boarding at our vet while the physical move happens tomorrow, then hopefully the stress will start to drain as they watch me unpack.

They know change is happening. If only they understood it was good change, and that we’re all in it together.

{Not sponsored in any way by Adaptil, but it works for us. Adaptil a spray of Rescue Remedy is the best way to deal with stress without medication.}

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Wordless Wednesday {woof}

woof - archie andrews  woof - buddy woof - gaston woof - gustav woof - barnabywoof - pierrewoof - parker{If we weren’t moving this week, I am fairly certain Parker would have been my next Foster Pup.}

woof - tia woof - tyson

From the Renbury Farm Facebook page:

I am not going to sugar coat this update.There are 10 dogs within this album who need urgent safety. Our kennels are FULL!! We have over 80 dogs in care!! The daily intake for the last week has been HUGE especially with 19 new arrivals today and we have more storms on the way which no doubt means more arrivals!! Every kennel is occupied which means any urgent is in great danger.

If you have been considering adopting or fostering anyone of the dogs within you will need to act IMMEDIATELY {call +612 9606 6118 or +612 9606 6655}.

If you cannot adopt or foster, please share. Sharing is your way of caring…


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Tasty Tuesday {gin and tonic cake}

Yep, gin and tonic. Cake.

Oh yeah … get in my belly!

Tasty Tuesday {gin and tonic cake}

I have not made this yet, but I pinned it as soon as I saw it come up on my Facebook feed. I am going to wait until I’ve unpacked my new home and have some time to sit under the tree in the back garden and enjoy this with a matching drink!

Original recipe on the blog A Writers Larder, find it here.

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There’s no place like home

It doesn’t seem to matter where you’ve been or how much fun you’ve had, coming home to those you love {even when your house is filled with moving boxes} always feels amazing.

love bug

I curled up on the couch with Love Bug and the pups and didn’t move for a couple of hours, just soaked up their gorgeousness and love.

Dorothy was right, there’s no place like home.

Special thanks to grandma for looking after the critters so mumma could go away. x

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My head hurts from champagne.

My feet hurt from dancing.

Everything in between feels a little fragile.


What a fabulous weekend away filled with laughter, friends and love!

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