A beautiful life

A little over 14 years {a lifetime!} ago I walked into the RSPCA shelter in Sydney with the boy I was dating. We went to see if there was a poundie we could rescue. As happens every time I go near a pound, I cried almost all the way around. So many gorgeous faces looking out at us, some too scared to look out, others seemingly resigned to their fate. How could we decide on just one?

We were almost all the way around when we saw the sign: puppies. A very new litter {9 or 10 weeks from memory} of them. All in an enclosure, jumbled up together as only puppies do. We stopped by for a minute. The shelter staff brought in some food. They mostly squished in beside each other around the bowl.

Except for one.

One of them climbed up on the backs of his litter mates, put one front paw on the forehead of the puppy to his left, the other to his right, and helped himself to a snack. We looked at each other and laughed. We needed to meet this puppy.

When he was done eating, they brought him out and put him on the grass with us. Puppy tummy totally distended, he looked up as if to say you can pat me anywhere, but just don’t touch my tummy!

Needless to say, he never did get back into that enclosure with his litter mates. Because Jackson {Jacko} had met his best mate, and I’d found the perfect birthday present for the boy.

Are you my Dad?From that moment they went everywhere together. Jacko was a quick study and learned to do exactly as his Dad asked him to do. Most of the time. He was a puppy after all.

I have many happy memories of his antics. Like the time we left him while we went out, safely in the laundry with paper, towels, water, food. Only to come home a few hours later to a puppy frothing at the mouth and laundry detergent from one end of the room to the other. It had been on a very high shelf. Little Jacko had managed to mountain climb his way up the toilet and the washing machine to the high shelf. You try doing the Heimlich maneuver on a 12 week old puppy!

Jacko was the first puppy to steal my adult heart, but he was his Dad’s dog. So when our life paths went separate ways, Jacko went with him. We had a few visits but I think that was just hard on everyone. Anyone who has had a relationship end with a pet involved will understand the heartbreak is almost double. I remember actually asking the vet if he’d forget me {Jacko that is!}.

Jacko gave me a toy version of himself which I put away until I could face it without being sad. When Bella arrived in my life, I gave the lovey Jacko to her. 9 and a half years later, she and Jacko are still inseparable.

Little wonder I often thought of him.

Jacko & Bella - firm friends

Saturday. Doing Saturday things. At the supermarket then heading home to keep packing. I get a message. I look twice at the screen. It’s from Jacko’s Dad. Who I have had no contact with in over a decade. My breath catches. You know when you know what a message is going to say before you read it?

I waited until I got to the car to read it – and was glad for my very short drive home.

Jacko, the sweet little puppy rescued from the pound all those years ago, got his wings today. After what his Dad called a beautiful life. What a lovely thing to be able to say about your best friend, your shadow for 14 plus years.

Run free Puppy of Love … you’ve taken a piece of my heart with you.

Jacko - what a handsome lad

My heart goes out to your Dad and your family Jacko. If only all poundies could have such happy lives filled with so much love.

 {Story shared with his Dad’s blessing.}

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Through her eyes

Since our first gardenia appeared a week ago, Love Bug has been keeping an extra close eye on my frangipani tree.



A couple of mornings this week we’ve left expecting to see the buds on the tree as open flowers, and on Friday it finally happened. Look closely.

frangipani tree look closely

Oh the joy. The rapture. The giggling with delight.


are they there yet? yay I can see them



The cuddle and happiness that we will be able to pick them off the ground soon and have them in every room of our home.

oh mumma, aren't they lovely?

Oh to see things through her eyes.


A little later in the afternoon she was flapping her arms around and speaking really loudly. I asked her to be a little quieter because I wasn’t feeling great. It seems I am not in fact Super Woman and I am not immune to the tummy bugs of small people; the less we say about me yesterday the better.

But mumma, I’m just SO excited to be home with you and Bella and Beary. I love you moon and back infinity and you’re my best best friend.

I know I am mindful of being in the moment and being grateful for small things {like the fact that Shadow Dog and Velcro Dog didn’t leave my side all day yesterday!} but Love Bug’s reminder yesterday afternoon has made me refocus.



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When your clothes are inside up

Love Bug took a little break from resting on the couch recovering from her tummy bug.

To fold up the washing.

No, I’m not joking. She is beyond.

Given that I’d done six loads of washing there was a mountain of washing on the couch. I was working from home so figured I’d attack the mountain once she went to bed.

When your clothes are inside up

If you click on the photo it will take you to a video of her in action.

The final frames? Inside out pyjama top.

Don’t you hate it when your clothes are inside up?

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Vomit vomit wash repeat

Last night had a kind of repetition to it: vomit, vomit, wash, repeat. Poor Love Bug had a bug of the not so loving variety.

Multiple vomits and five loads of washing later {with a sixth ready to go} she seems brighter this morning thankfully.

Me? I’m exhausted but oh so grateful my dying washing machine has seen me through the night!


{Who looks that cute between vomits winking at their mumma?}

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The strangest dream

When all the things which are plaguing your conscious and subconscious mind gang up on you while you’re sleeping, it’s quite disconcerting.

Worrying about moving, the bully {there has been a third letter!}, work and the general security of my little family last night evolved into the strangest dream.

One that I woke from at 2am and barely slept again until 5am. One that I keep remembering pieces of today.

the strangest dream

So strange. And for the most part, not very nice.

It could have easily been an episode of Revenge. Or Scandal.

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Not tasty Tuesday

The point where the only things you can manage to cook are necessary meals. Not exciting ones either.

The point before you pack {let’s call it the pre-packing phase} to move house AGAIN, when you have decided you’re going to be a minimalist – or at least take a giant step in that direction.

The point where you have gone completely through both wardrobes and three of the way too many boxes in the shed.

The point where you’ve thrown away a full wheelie bin of stuff, have donated a couple of garbage bags and have another huge bag ready to donate to a shelter.

The point where every surface of your home is congested with stuff. Stuff to sell. Stuff to donate. Stuff to pack. Stuff to decide about later. And yet, you don’t feel like you’ve scratched the surface.

Not tasty Tuesday

Stuff. Too much stuff. I have made the commitment to not move anything superfluous to our needs right now which means a monster pre-packing job.

Hopefully it will make the packing and unpacking {wherever we end up} much easier! It’s an though adventure, right?

Um, sure, I believe you.


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Can you just wait one more minute

Attempting to leave the house.

Which can take a while. Or longer. Particularly if you’re in a hurry. Almost certainly if you’re in a hurry.

Can you just wait one more minute mumma?

Sure Bubba, what do you need to do?

I need to give Bella and Bear Bear one more kiss cuggle because I love them SO much.

Okay Love Bug, that’s very sweet.

Can you just wait one more minute

an oldie but a goodie

Then, when we are just out the front door. Mumma, we need to have a flower for each tother {yes that is the cute way she pronounces it!} today so we can smell them together.

I can smell mine at kindy and you can smell yours at your office.


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