I love you guys

Tonight Love Bug said to me mumma I like you and I love you too.

As if that little pearl wasn’t enough, I was sitting on the floor giving Bella a cuddle and she came over to us and wrapped her arms around us: I love you guys.

As mentioned yesterday, last night I had a tough evening at the mumma office. Tonight we were having a chat and a cuddle on the couch. It was a bit after her bedtime, but not too much. She said that she wasn’t tired and she didn’t want to go to bed.

I took this photo approximately 60 seconds later.

I love you guys Ah kids and their FOMO. It’s very cute.


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Frigging hard work

frigging hard workSome days, being a parent is frigging hard work. Seriously frigging hard work.

Like oh my god, when are holidays and why isn’t it Friday yet? hard work. Except you are still a parent on Fridays. And on holidays. Just with less time constraints. On holidays at least. Friday we still need to be out of the house by 7am.

As you all know, most of the time I manage to get through my day and think how insanely lucky I am. I love her to the moon and back. I always will.

But tonight was frigging hard work. And the house is bereft of wine.

I’ll spare you the details because well, because I’m too bloody tired to type. And I’m going to bed because I feel like a total failure.

Suffice to say, even the dogs were unimpressed. But happy for the extra cuddles.

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Make a secret

Love Bug has started whispering to me. She looks at me very conspiratorially mumma she says in a soft voice, come here and we’ll make a secret.

As I lean down she whispers into my ear. This evening it was that Beary was next to her on the couch and she was going to give him a pat.

make a secret

The feel of her soft warm breath on my ear, listening to her breathe deeply while she concentrates on what she’s saying and keeping her voice down.

I know. Ridonculous. So lucky I am. So very lucky.

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Tasty Tuesday {winter warmers}

For those of you at our end of the Earth, it’s a little chilly. In fact, this morning I would have called it outright cold. Of course cold where we live compared is a balmy Spring day in other parts of the world, but for us, 7*C is cold.

I had plans to cook over the weekend. Well, I cooked, but nothing new. I was having a conversation with a friend a few days ago about mug cakes. She had never heard of them. So I sent her a link for how to make them. Got a mug? Got a microwave? Got 30 seconds? You’ve got mug cake.

Mug cakes got me thinking to my other favourite winter dessert: pudding with sauce. Chocolate molten lava pudding. Butterscotch pudding. Any kind of pudding you can burn your mouth on the gooey centre of. The kind you dollop a spoon of vanilla bean ice cream on and it melts immediately to a river of happiness around the cakey fudgey saucey goodness.

Here are a few winter pudding/warm happy tummy recipes I’ve flagged {aka pinned} to try:

  1. Salted caramel apple dumplings
  2. Chocolate cobbler
  3. Self-saucing butterscotch pudding

Tasty Tuesday {winter warmers} And, just because you know you want to … and if you’ve never indulged you may or may not want to be my friend after this … here are some quick and easy mug desserts. 20 of them.

Sometimes foods are so good … sometimes. Back to healthy next week!

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Trust, the Universe and Instinct

Last Friday I finalised starting a three month contract for work on Monday.

Late Friday night I got an email from an old boss.

Saturday late morning I spoke to him.

Saturday afternoon I pulled out of my three month contract and agreed to go and work with my old boss.

Starting today.

I placed my trust in the Universe that things would work out. True to form, she waited until the last minute and it got super tough before it did. But it did.

trust the universe

I also instinctively knew on Friday night when I read that email that was what I should be doing/needed to do. So as tricky as the middle ground was while I weighed up the moral dilemma of backing out of a commitment {which doesn’t sit well}, I knew this new opportunity was the one I should follow.

As you read this, I’m playing nice with the new kids on day one of my next adventure.

Happy Monday!

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Silent Sunday {hand over the treats!}


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Crown Princess Love Bug

Love Bug decided she wanted to wear her crown hair piece to kindy yesterday. Rather than a crown requiring body guards to accompany her, it is a clip from the dollar store!

Before getting dressed, a girl needs to brush her teeth.

Crown Princess Love Bug 1 Wearing pyjamas, a back pack and crown of course.

What does a girl wear with her crown? A t-shirt with the New York Subway on it. Naturally.

Crown Princess of NY perhaps? Funny kid.

Crown Princess Love Bug 2 Oh, and yes, I do have hair envy. I mean, really?

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