Hijacked by Squishi

Squishi & Jessie have rescue saves if they don’t find families;
so now we just need to share to help find Milo a family.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Tasty Tuesday has been hijacked again … for good reason.

This is Squishi.


I first saw him on Sunday afternoon. For some reason I got teary as soon as I saw his profile. Maybe because at 10 years young he’s only a few months older than Bella, or maybe because he’s just one of those dogs. He suits his name perfectly – I’d love to squish him!

Love Bug asked me what was wrong so I told her this pup pal needed a new family. Aw, poor puppy. I hope he gets a family so he will be happy and you will too my mumma. We talked about Dave and Rosy from the book Let’s Get a Pup and how we wished they could all have families.

First thing today {out of the blue} Love Bug asked me if Squishi had a home yet. At that moment I knew it was okay for Tasty Tuesday to be hijacked by Squishi. He and his pals are all on the euthanasia list for tomorrow.



It’s Dog Day today – so please share/RT this post to help get these gorgeous faces loving homes.

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Will Spring put the flowers back?

Love Bug and I were talking about seasons over the weekend. As the countdown to Spring is on, we had a weekend of cold drizzly rain one day, overcast skies which cleared to lovely sunshine another.

She asked me if Spring was coming soon.

Mumma, when Spring does come, will it put the frangipani flowers back on our tree?

Yes Love Bug, they will start to grow in Spring.

Will Spring put the flowers back?

Oh good mumma. I love our frangipanis. I’m glad Spring will put them back.

Gah, the cuteness.


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Diet … or upsize?

As I went to get into bed last night, the thought hit me.

I’m either going to need to go on a diet … or upsize my bed!


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It is not all Care Bears and rainbows

For those who have been with us for a while, you’ll know that we live under the flight path for Sydney airport. It’s easy to tell that it’s gone 6am when the heavy international flights start to land. While everyone else in my suburb enjoyed the reprieve until 7am today {as they seemed not to use the north south until then} I missed the noise.

How on earth could I miss that noise you ask?

Well, Love Bug wanted to get up and go outside. At 5:20am. In winter. In the rain. So {unreasonable mumma that I am} I said no. Apparently that was the wrong thing to say. Because from then until approximately 8am was Melt Down Time. Unfortunately for me, this doesn’t coincide with Wine Time because, well, I’m not that desperate … yet.

I hid under my blankets, trying to bury myself under puppy protection. I begged for the planes to start flying again so there was at least some competition for the noise.

Nothing I said or did was what she wanted to hear. Nothing she whinged or screamed was what I wanted to hear. Then, around 8am the world magically tilted again and delightful Love Bug came back. Just in time for mumma’s headache to really kick up a notch or two.

It is not all Care Bears and rainbows

Parenting a preschooler.

It is not all Care Bears and rainbows.

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I challenge you

Because I had so much fun doing the #100happydays photo challenge, I went on to do another 100, with the hashtag #100morehappydays. As my days climb into the nineties, I thought I might just go again. Focusing on the little things in each day that make you happy is something a lot of people I know are good at, but if you have a challenge set, you don’t usually miss a day.

I challenge you

I surprise myself some days at the littlest things that make me happy. I’m thinking at this stage I probably should have just done a year-long challenge – maybe next year? For now I’m going to once again start at the beginning: #100happydaysagain.

A quick check of the calendar means we’ll finish #100happydaysagain just in time to do a #12daysofchristmas challenge. Yep, it’s that soon. Side note: we all know I’m a Christmas Crazy, but Christmas trees in department stores already? It’s only August people … let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves!

Why don’t you grab your friends and play along? I’m up to day 94 of #100morehappydays so launch date for #100happydaysagain will be a week from today: Friday 29 August. Check back in mid next week and I’ll share with you a couple of my favourite photo apps.

To join in the challenge, all you need to do is:

  1. find one moment in each day that makes you happy {as significant or silly as you please and as in focus or capturing the moment as it needs to be too – it’s often difficult to be in the moment and try to capture it at the same time}
  2. take a photo of it
  3. load it to social media with the hashtag #100happydaysagain

{Easy as 1, 2, 3. Simple as do, re, mi…}

Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to stay in touch.

Spread the news. Join the fun! I challenge you …

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Throwback Thursday {Déjà vu}

When the life I now have seemed SO far into the future I could barely imagine it.

So long ago that reading this statement makes me a little sad that it’s all passed by so quickly.

I bought so many clothes last trip to New York in preparation for my
baby girl that she’s got enough clothes to last her until she’s four!

Throwback Thursday {Déjà vu}

does she really need all of those clothes mumma?

She’s grown out of nearly all of them – and she’s only a few months from four!

As one of my friends said yesterday: some days it’s good to glance back, if only to see how far you’ve come.

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What you don’t know they know

Given how little she is {and how cute and well in tact her tiny teeth are} I was quite amazed when this conversation, or rather soliloquy, happened tonight. Love Bug was being silly chomping on her spoon and I said she should be careful or her teeth might fall out.

Mumma when my teeth do come out … will it hurt? … I will leave it under my pillow and the fairy will come. The tooth fairy. And while I’m asleep she will take my tooth and she will leave me some new moneys. When I wake up I will say ‘mumma come, mumma – wow look what happened’ and you will say ‘wow bubba, you have moneys from the tooth fairy’.

What you don't know they know

Yes, that is a miner’s light on her head. A Love Bug one naturally.

What the what? Who told her about the Tooth Fairy? Not me that’s for sure. And none of her little friends have lost their teeth. So where?

Charlie’s little sister. I am wracking my brain: who on earth is Charlie? You know mumma, CHARLIE. Well, his little sister.

The penny dropped: Charlie and Lola. Do you mean Lola Bubba?

Yes mumma, Lola. She told her daddy ‘look daddy the tooth fairy left me moneys’.

Did she tell her mumma too?

Lola and Charlie don’t have a mumma, they just have a daddy. Like I just have you. I love you so much.

{At this point I’m not sure of the make up of Charlie and Lola’s family, but I love how matter of fact she is that families come in all shapes and sizes.}

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