What have I been eating?

Things I’ve eaten a LOT of during my pregnancy:

Bananas (so many that I fear I may turn into a monkey)
Humus (with the cucumbers)
Special k forest fruits (straight from the box mostly)
Spinach (Popeye, watch your back!)
Cheese (hard only, but what I would give for some super soft)
9 grains vita weets (with humus & cucumbers mostly)
Ice cream (every. single. night.)
Tomatoes (even enduring the heartburn)
Nut mix: sultanas, pepitas, pumpkin seeds and almonds

and of course … chocolate! I did go off chocolate in the first 6 weeks of my pregnancy, but the chocoholic within won the battle and my addiction came back with a vengeance and is showing no signs of abating!

Things I used to eat but can’t even look at:

Most meat
Chilli … well, I still love chilli, but bubba doesn’t!

I haven’t drunk coffee since before I started trying to fall pregnant. Loving my skinny hot chocolates. I’m also off champagne (shock, horror!) and tried a beautiful pinot noir yet couldn’t stomach more than a mouthful. Let’s hope my taste for those two beverages comes back once bub arrives.

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