The B side

What would the A-side be without the B?
Lonely? Unnoticed? Ordinary?
Kind of like the B-side usually feels probably.

Life at bumpyroadtobubba is not always A-side, but it does tend toward that. Which is totally because most of our life feels A-side worthy. Not because we travel around the world first class, but because we both consciously try to see the joy and beauty in the every day. We are happy, we have love, we have laughter and we have puppy dogs.

Not that Love Bug needs to do it consciously. As an almost-five year old child she does find wonder and joy in the simplest things. I aspire to be move like her!

With the A-side there does come a B-side though. Weeks like last week when I woke up with a rotten cold on Tuesday but by early evening Love Bug had been hit head on with a gastro bug. So I had to push my cold aside and be on high alert. Not a wink of sleep that night {or the next day}. At her peak she vomited 11 times in ten hours. Her temperature spiked at almost 41*C and the poor little love was miserable. When the vomiting slowed the tummy cramps started.

Through my fog of cold and my hyper-alert mumma concern I cared for my Love Bug. At 2am as I pulled my third load of washing for the night out of the machine I also needed to clear the door seal of the chunks of vomit. Such a glamorous task. At that very moment in time I could think of approximately 84 million things I’d rather be doing. But in the same thought I knew there is nowhere in the world I would be but here.

doesn't seem fair
After 48 hours: doesn’t really seem fair that she looks so cute and I look, well … not!

We limped towards the end of the week utterly exhausted. I’m glad to say a week later she is back to her usual peppy self and eating normally again.

Of course, my cold seems to have noticed that and has hit me again. Just when I thought it was gone! It was really only hiding until I could deal with it again!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. There is no A side without a B side. …like the rainbow after the rain.

    1. And we all know that Love Bug loves herself anything rainbow 🙂

  2. maggie0019 says:

    you both have beautiful eyes! Woof!

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