Not bad for her early 70s

My precious pup pal Bella turned eleven last week. Although I have noticed she spends a little more time snoozing these days, she still gives Beary a run for his money when they are playing zoomies or having a rambunctious game of bitey face.

Whether I’ve been out for a coffee, or a long day at work, I can still hear the thump of her tail as she stands on the other side of the front door waiting for me to come in, always with a toy in her mouth to share with me.

We had a little vegan ice cream party at home – Bella and Beary had a dollop of nut paste and a treat on top of theirs.

I came home the day after her birthday to find that she’d somehow figured out how to open the new rubbish bin and helped herself to the leftovers! Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Not bad for her early 70s {in human years that is}.

To the dog who stole my heart and who I love more than she’ll ever know: happy birthday fuzzy soul mate. We can only hope for eleven more!

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I didn’t think Fairy Godmothers aged?

Happy 40 plus one FGM x


Love Bug’s Fairy Godmother is turning 40 today. She was in her 20s the fateful day we met working together at 20th Century Fox all of those years ago. I was trying to find a photo or two which would depict our friendship. I found hundreds. Literally.

What I see when I look at these photos are happy, smiling people. What I remember is silliness, fun, champagne and adventures. What I know are the times when, behind the smiles, there were hard times for both of us. Times that our friendship helped us through.

Happy birthday to our beautiful friend Karli. You haven’t aged a day since we met. We love you to the moon and back. Infinity.

Here’s to 40 {at least} more … although we may need to be careful jump dancing in another 40 years time!

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Grateful mumma

Grateful mumma
I have celebrated all that is amazing about my mumma and about being a mumma today – and living in a world {and a time} that my choice to do it on my own was available to me.

Heavy on my heart are the desires of so many who are fighting so hard to fulfill their dreams of motherhood, facing obstacle after obstacle. And those whose bubbas got their wings too early.

Big love to all of you today 💞👼

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Wordless Wednesday {inspired by Picasso}

Wordless Wednesday {inspired by Picasso}

My Grandma  
Love Bug, 2016

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A new bubba!

No, I haven’t been keeping a secret. My cousin and his partner have just welcomed a gorgeous baby girl into their family.

To say Love Bug is besotted would not be doing her feelings justice! She mentions my baby cousin at least a few times each day, and on Friday night when we were laying together after story time, she started saying the cutest things. Of course I asked her to repeat them so that I could capture them on film. {click on the photo below to see the video}


Then, when I thought she was almost asleep, she opened her eyes: mumma, guess what I can see when I close my eyes? My Baby Carmen. I’m carrying her. She is 3 and I am 8.

dreaming about her baby carmen

She then promptly fell asleep with her arms like this – she must still be carrying her baby cousin.

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When Doves Cry

Prince’s music is still on high rotation on my iTunes – and always has been in various forms since he had such an impact on music in my teens.

When Doves Cry 
Thank you for all of the wonderful music you gifted us. Another very sad loss.

Maybe he and Bowie are jamming in some great bar in the afterlife? Wherever he is now, I hope he’s partying like it’s 1999 💜

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On par

Love Bug went to vacation care for the first week of the school holidays. Vacation care is a world of fun things like Guinness Book of Records Day, Mini Olympics, craft and movies.

And putt putt golf! 

It was Love Bug’s first ever game of putt putt. A few of her friends were in the same team and they had a ball.

I couldn’t help but film her animated description of a really tricky hole. She is on par for an acting career if golf turns out not to be her thing.  On par 

Click on the photo for the full film experience.

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