Dogs die in hot cars

You would probably need to be living on Mars to not know how hot it is in Sydney today. Either that or have no access to news or social media. It was 35*C by 8am {95*F for our US friends}. By 8am.

Pets, even if they are usually outdoors pets {but don’t get me started on that!} should be inside today. As always, they should have access to cold, fresh water – always best to make sure their bowls are full and even top them up just before you leave the house. I put some extra ice cubes in Bella and Beary’s bowls this morning before I left. Related image

I also left the air conditioning on and shut the doors. There are puppy training pee mats on the floor in the laundry. I’d rather go home and have to clean up a mess than go home to a dog with heat stroke.

Which brings me to dogs left in cars. Any day, but in particular days like today. Do not do it. Not even ‘just for a minute’. A dog can die in 6 minutes in a car. Six. Minutes. And it’s a horrid death. So if you see a dog in a hot car, do all you can to get that dog out. If you are in NSW, call RSPCA NSW immediately on 1300 278 3589 (1300 CRUELTY).

If you think your dog is suffering heat stress, it needs to see a vet as an emergency.
From the RSPCA:

Emergency treatment is aimed at bringing the body temperature down at a steady rate; spray cool water onto your dog’s body and use a fan. Don’t use ice or ice-cold water as this may cool your dog down too rapidly.

Wildlife also suffer in this heat. If you have a balcony or a back yard, please leave out a bowl of water for any critters who may stop by your place for a drink!

Image result for dogs drinking water{image}

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Again, I wish you enough 

I have shared this story before, but it is – to me – the perfect New Year wish. 

There’s a story, although I’m not sure where I read it the first time, that tells of a mother and daughter {father and son?} parting at an airport and saying I wish you enough

The story goes on to explain that phrase to mean wishing the other person enough happiness/good things to sustain them through life’s tougher moments, to have had enough good to deal with the bad. 

So, my friends, as 2017 dawns, I wish you enough. 

I wish you courage. Courage to live the life you want to live, and not be constrained by the expectation of others. I am going to really focus on that this year: to live boldly and with courage. 

Have courage to fight for those you love. And don’t be afraid of showing that love and conviction to the world. 

I am also going to play more and embrace my inner child. Enamoured with life. Amazed by th  littlest things.  Giving of my love with every fibre of my being. 

I’m going to pet more dogs. And try to embrace each day in the manner of this goat. 

For 2017: I wish you enough.

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Christmas family portrait 

Ba ha ha ha … this is the closest we got to a Christmas family portrait by the tree on Christmas morning!

Wishing you all peace and love for the holiday and the year ahead. xx

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There’s always one over-excited nut

Tree trimming – there’s always one over-excited nut who tips the tree over and pees on it before you get started!

We’re looking at you Beary McBearerson …

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Wordless Wednesday {Dear Santa}


Dear Santa
My name is Poppy. I am 5¾ years old and I go to ** School. This year I have been a very very good girl. Can I please have for Christmas a key board.
From Poppy

{This is Love Bug’s first letter to Santa. Worth sharing the cute!}

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Arrrroooooooooooooooo, I’m 8!

Goof ball.
Fluff Bum.
Handsome Boy.
Scaredy cat dog!
Beary McBearerson.
Burpy McBurperson.
Nudgey McNudgerson.

Whatever we call him, he is absolutely our favourite boy. And today he is 8. So much for coming to live for a little while until he found a forever family … 7.5 years ago!

Beary we couldn’t love you more if we tried. Your talking. Your need to have the last word when we chat. Your singing. Your looking in the mirror and seeing a Chihuaua looking back {you must, considering the small spaces you try to squeeze into!}. Your love of attention and your adamance when you’re not getting enough to change the mind of the person you’re seeking it from. Your chair/bed/couch hogging. Your arm nudging. The contented sigh you make when I cuddle you at the end of the day.

Happiest birthday you lovely critter!

Thank you for being you, for choosing us, and for bringing a never-ending supply of love, goofiness and laughter to our home and our hearts.




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Somewhere over the rainbow

Just in case you were ever wondering how you might find the elusive end of the rainbow, below is that treasure map! {Probably a little hard to decipher as it’s drawn on orange paper, but it came with a full explanation that I’ll share with you, just as Love Bug did for me – ever so proudly.}

Through the woods and to the top of the mountain we will find one end of the rainbow. We will need to walk under the rainbow to the other side before we can find the treasure.

In case night falls, there are shooting stars in the sky to light our way. At the other end of the rainbow, there will be treasure to be found in the woods.

This might not be sparkly like pirate treasure, but just things that make you happy.

You should take people you love with you.


The edges of the paper are ragged because that’s what treasure maps always look like.

{This all sounds a lot like a life lesson to me! Maybe Love Bug will become a philosopher?}


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