Term 3 – are you trying to kill me?

Why didn’t anyone warn me about term 3 of the school year?

Forever {although maybe – hopefully? – only kindergarten} to be known as the Term of crying at the drop of a hat/stomping/answering back/yelling/tired but won’t sleep, too tired to get up/dress myself/get out of the house on time {although only reserved for weekdays; I would welcome this last one on any given Sunday!}/hungry but won’t eat my dinner in less than an hour/get into bed 10 minutes later and be SO STARVING

I could go on, but you get the gist.

For all of the loveliness that this period of Love Bug’s life has brought us, these flip side – nay, dark side antics are killing me. So much that last night I think I actually said these words aloud: Term 3, are you trying to kill me?

Last night was a Monday. An AFD {alcohol free day} generally speaking. And to my credit we all managed to get to bed in one piece and I didn’t crack and open the one and only {very expensive, save for a special occasion} bottle of wine in the house. Although, once there was quiet but heavy sleep breathing emitting from my darling daughter I did think surviving the preceding 3 hours was a special occasion.

At one point during some rant or other, Love Bug paused momentarily and asked where Bella and Beary were. My {very grown up totally responsible adult} response? They are too smart to hang around for this crap – they’ve gone to bed to hide.

Yep, that whoosh you heard was my Mother of the Year nomination floating off in the breeze. I know, I know, to be honest it probably floated off a little earlier in the year, sometime at the end of the first week of January the most likely date.

If only I wasn’t living with a small person who moves about as fast as a Thunderbird walking through molasses, being distracted at each step by heaven knows what! {Kind of like this puppy.}

Term 3 mornings

I’ll leave you with this gorgeous photo of our morning. Hard to not agree that staying at home always looks like the best option!

If only I didn’t have all of those bills to pay…

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I wish I didn’t have my own bed

Putting Love Bug to bed last night and after *a hundred million* kiss cuggles she said to me I wish I didn’t have my own bed mumma.


So then I could always just snuggle with you in your bed.

Fast forward a few hours … Love Bug appears in my bedroom with her night light and a couple of loveys.

Are you okay bubba?

My bed is not comfy mumma.

Why, what happened to it?

It doesn’t have you in it. You are what makes it comfy.

Looks like you’re going to have to scooch over Bella and Beary.

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Wordless Wednesday {disdain}

Your disdain for my love of a made bed is getting old Beary!

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Silent Sunday {happy 11th gotcha day}

My Instagram post today:

#365plusonedaysofgratitude {day 221: happy eleventh #gotcha day to my precious bella 💞 how many times have I looked at your beautiful face and wondered: how did I get so lucky?} #adoptdontshop #alldogsmatter #dogsofinstagram #dogs #rescuedog #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #love #family #forever #puppylove #fuzzysoulmate #seniordog

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Wordless Wednesday {school art show}

Our excited kindergarten class showed us through our first school art show this morning. They were all so proud of their creations {and rightly so, it was all very impressive}! The classes all have country names so their art reflected the culture of each country.

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Tasty Tuesday {getting our Martha on}

Love Bug and I spent some time in the kitchen over the weekend. In between making a slow cooker pot of tasty goodness {and lots of hidden vegetables!} and two sweet treats, Love Bug also made her own creations. I should not be surprised that her creativity extends to the kitchen!

While the cookies were great {were because they have all disappeared already!}, this slice was an absolute winner. Love Bug even asked me for a piece for breakfast this morning. When I told her it wasn’t breakfast food, she said ‘but mumma, you said it was a healthier treat than usual‘. Um, yes I did, but still not breakfast food. Nice try kiddo!

The original recipe for no-bake peanut butter cream bars can be found here. The only change I made was to increase the ingredients by half again for the base so it was nice and thick. I would also suggest leaving the slice in the freezer for a bit longer before topping it with drizzled chocolate.
If you’re more Cookie Monster in treat preference, head here for the quinoa chocolate chip cookie recipe. I used coconut sugar which has a lower GI than regular sugar. Next time I’d use desiccated coconut rather than shredded – but that’s purely because of Love Bug’s textural aversion to the shredded variety.

We have been getting our Martha on most weekends, it’s so much fun to cook together!

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On being half way through kindergarten


Okay, so technically we are half way and a week and 3 days through kindergarten. And I’m really quite unsure as to where the ‘half way and a week and 3 days’ went. All I can be sure of is that they went by in a flash. Much like the previous five years.

When I started writing bumpyroadtobubba, I think that subliminally I figured I’d write about the first five years and then only intermittently when major things happen. I guess, given my somewhat sporadic posting of late, what you put out there really does come true. But enough about me. What of my Love Bug.

poppy silly

She’s taller. Oh yes friends, she is. It is hard to fathom but the proof is in the length of things like her tights and her summer uniform. An uncharacteristically warm winter day saw her summer uniform make an appearance. To say I was astounded at the difference in length in a mere six or so weeks since she wore it last would be an understatement. Her feet also had a spurt over a couple of month period. Tracking on the graph we’ve kept since birth, she is still only just above the 50th percentile for height for her age, but considering she hovered around the 10th to 25th percentile for the better part of five years, that’s quite the spurt. Lifting her and carrying her is increasingly tricky. Not because she’s heavier, just because she’s so much longer!

Will this be the last time? I find myself so often wondering will this be the last time I … lift her out of the bath, help clean her teeth, put her shoes on for her, carry her from the car to the house. The moment I think any of these things though, I try to put the thought away. Because it makes me sad.

She can whistle! After many, many months of being insanely disappointed that she couldn’t, one day she did. Despite this, she still seems quietly pleased and somewhat surprised each time she does it.

I have had the look. You know, the look we’ve all given our parents when they get the words of the song wrong. In my defence, I actually knew the words and was just being silly. Love Bug was having none of my excuses though. It’s cake by the ocean mumma, not cake on the beach {spoken in that tone of voice and accompanied by a half eye roll and that look}.

Her Disney character voice is disappearing!! I know I know, it was going to at some stage, but I’M NOT READY for that to be now. Boo hoo. Sometimes words/sentences are still delivered in that sing-song high-pitched voice, but more so a schoolgirl voice talks to me.

Attitude for days. Although anyone else who has her in their care will be aghast that I should even suggest this, trust me. There is foot stomping, garumphing and general attitude that I thought wouldn’t be something I’d need to contemplate until at least the tween years. No. Such. Luck. Lady.

Air guitar. We had a stay home movie day in the recent school holidays. When we were having our bedtime chat I asked what her three moments of gratitude were? Spending the whole day with mumma. Learning to pirouette. Mumma teaching me air guitar. I totally felt like I’d won at parenting that day!

Gymnastics. We have found an out of school activity that she LOVES. This is probably helped along by the fact that she does gymnastics on the weekend with one of her best friends. Her favourite thing so far? Falling from a height backwards into the foam pit, walking on the balance beam and spinning around on the uneven parallel bars {the latter being my favourite too!}.

She is reading to me. School readers come home every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and we read them at night and in the morning {most days!}. I am still reading to her as usual, but find now that she will be reading the words a page ahead of me, or will ask me what things spell when we are driving around and she sees signs. Or she is reading labels on different things and advertising. Or she is reading to Bella and Beary! We have a couple of friends who have started reading Harry Potter. I was going to wait until next year to start it, but I am so tempted to start now. Any thoughts from others who have started reading it to their 5.5 year old?

She is counting for me! Mental maths is not my thing. Actually, maths in general is not my thing. My mumma however, is the mental maths queen of the world. She has encouraged Love Bug to count in her head and it’s working. While I’m counting on my fingers, Love Bug will say that’s 7 mumma or whatever it may be. Simple counting obviously. I am impressed none the less.

Where is she at? This is a hard one for most parents I think. The struggle not to compare your child to all of the other children. For me it’s quite easy. I think she’s doing just as well as she should be doing. She’s obviously going to be better at some things than others, she’s going to like to learn some subjects more than others. And that is totally okay with me. She doesn’t need to be a child prodigy. She doesn’t need to master absolutely everything she does. She just needs to try. And she needs to have fun. That’s what early schooling is for as far as I’m concerned as a parent – a gentle and happy introduction to education and learning in a formal environment. I know I’ve said this before, but there is enough pressure in the world as we grow up that I do not want her to feel that pressure yet.

We have had a few nights during the year when she is obviously exhausted and stressed about doing her reader. Those nights I’ve packed her reader quietly back into the folder the go to and from school with, and either asked her to get some of her favourite books for me to read to her, or we’ve done something else together entirely. Together being the key word there. Sometimes she’ll just lay on the floor using one of the dogs for a pillow and talk to me while I make dinner. She’s an interesting and interested conversationalist, a great kitchen sidekick, is awesome at card memory games, is the undisputed UNO champion in our family, loves to do puzzles and has a wonderfully creative imagination.

bunny reading a book 24 july 2016

bunny reading a book – july 2016

Speaking of imagination … Not surprising in our family that Love Bug might have a silly sense of humour or a vivid imagination, but she has definitely taken the baton and is sprinting away with it. Each night in the bath she becomes The Wine Shop Lady. Yes, this probably has more to do with me than her. No I don’t drink wine every night, but I can be found a few nights of the week having a glass of wine sitting on the bathroom mat having a chat with her while she baths. In between loads of washing and preparing dinner that is. The nights I’m more distracted by my jobs, she will become The Wine Shop Lady, calling out to me that I should come to her shop because she’s made me a new special wine to taste. I take my dog Beary to her shop. The Wine Shop Lady has a dog named Bella and we all have a lovely time. The Wine Shop Lady thinks it hysterical that she and my for real life daughter share the same name. Imagine that! There are also some imaginary friends who are total bed hogs. There is one at home and one who is at grandma’s … quite inconvenient really when you only have a tiny slice of bed because the imaginary Mr Watermelon is taking up 90% of it.

Kiss cuggle? Thankfully, joyously and hopefully for always my Love Bug is still all about the kisses and cuggles. For me, for Bella and Beary, for family and friends. But mostly for me! With all of the change and newness that kindergarten has brought to her life, I recognise now more than ever her need for down time and closeness. We have our movie night on Saturday and we both really look forward to it – the four of us curling up on the couch together, eating sometimes food for dinner and just being close. The adorable things she says to me about being lovely and beautiful and being glad she chose me as her mumma haven’t stopped. If anything, they’ve grown in variance. My current favourite of her repertoire is when she holds my hands with her face and says with quite a lot of enthusiasm mumma you are such a cute mumma and I love you to the moon and back infinity infinity gazillion bagillion one hundred thirty. Yep. Totally ridonculous and heart-melting for sure.

Friendships. New and old are just as important to her; if we go for too long without seeing our day care friends she will let me know, and the ease with which they fall into their friendships despite time apart is such a credit to each of them. At Love Bug’s day care graduation late last year, her educator commented on her friendliness and what a lovely friend she is. Among other things at our parent teacher meeting a couple of months ago, her teacher said that she is one of the most caring children she’s met and that she always shows concern, inclusion and compassion for her classmates.

Is it all rainbows and bunnies? No, of course it isn’t. Bedtime has become a battle again of late. I could do without the attitude and tantrums {mine included!} and some days it does seem really hard. But they are the small things in comparison to the overall picture. Becoming a mumma is still the absolute best decision I have ever made. I am so insanely proud of my gorgeous girl and I can scant recall a life without her in it.

Here’s to the second half of kindergarten. I’m off to see The Wine Lady …





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