Wordless Wednesday {owls & bulldogs}

We’re staying with a lovely puppy named Gus. Being a bulldog, he has visible teeth & although he’s a marshmallow, his teeth freak Love Bug out a little if he’s too close.

To help her be a little less scared of his teeth, Gus gave her a toy bulldog. After I put her to bed, Love Bug was talking to Little Gus a telling her how much she loves Big Gus.

Wearing her new Carter’s owl onesie pyjamas.


Too cute.

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Tasty Tuesday {vacation}


Holiday brunch.

As my gorgeous friend we’re staying with just said to me, it’s one of life’s simple pleasures.


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A special kind of friendship

Love Bug and I are staying with some gorgeous friends in Melbourne.

Miss E and Love Bug are one day apart in age, and think as thieves.




These are a few of my favourite moments of the last few days.

Being three. It’s a special kind of friendship.

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Silent Sunday {three monkeys}


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We stopped in at our vet this morning to pick up some special food for Bella and Beary. They both seem to have upset tummies, probably because our suitcases are out and they don’t like it when we go away. {Either that or the new food they’ve eaten the past couple of days!}

Our vets do a lot for local rescue groups and there are a couple of cats currently in residence in the cat tower in the waiting room. Love Bug made a bee-line for them so I sat down next to her.


A divine brown border collie nudged my shoulder, leaned in for a cuddle then plonked on my lap.


Not this one, but one who looked a whole lot like it. Never one to pass up some collie any kind of dog love, I sat for a few minutes and cuddled my new friend.

This wasn’t enough apparently because as soon as I stood at the vet counter, my friend jumped up on his hind legs, front paws on my arm. More loves?

If I have to.

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2014 report card

Dear 2014

As far as life’s small moments go, you have excelled. There have been so many perfect every day moments.

As far as the big things: not so much. Improvement needed. Development needed. A huge upswing.

I’m expecting much more *wonderful*, more happiness and less heart stopping big moments.

A very grateful mumma xx

a perfect moment

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Again I find myself …

Again I find myself waiting.

Another bump in the road.

Another wait.

cookie monster waiting

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

You would think I’d be used to it by now.

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