You could be surfing in Bali this weekend

Yet another of my truly amazing girlfriends is doing what she loves – and giving you the chance to do it to.

SHE surfs

Have you ever wanted to learn to surf? Can you take holidays next week? Yep, that’s right – next week! The gorgeous Suzanne is doing another of her awesome learn to surf trips next week in Bali and there are a couple of spots left.

Not for her anything less than fabulous {she’s my friend so we wouldn’t expect otherwise!} accommodation is divine, there will be food, drinks, much laughter, sunshine, sand, surf and general goodness.

SHE surfs - Bali 1

This could be you … click on pic to see the girls in action!

SHE surfs - Bali 2

SHE surfs - Bali 3

Go on, you know you want to. Go for me.

{Just remember, SHE was my friend first so I claim her fabulousness!}

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Animal testing at home

Sunday. Neither Love Bug or I were feeling very well.

She seems to be a little better, but I am getting worse.


So we spent most of the day here. Because puppy love makes everything feel better.


Monday, please be kind to us, or it’s going to be a loooooooong week!

Yesterday’s post about animal testing {do your bit to say no here} led to a little animal testing in our house … seems no matter how much you test them, they’re not keen on wearing bunny ears.

20140727-200020-72020881.jpg 20140727-200021-72021882.jpg

Bella was much more patient with it than Beary, but it just goes to prove: no anipal likes to be tested on!

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Banning cosmetics tested on animals is up to me and you

I don’t usually discuss politics – neither of the major parties in Australia gave me cause to vote for them in our last election. So I am sharing this not through any political inclination, but because of the importance of the subject matter. This information is taken directly from the website of one of the major parties. I have copied it verbatim because I think it’s important enough to do that, and I’m not sure how many people will click through.

People talk about not wanting to use cosmetics products tested on animals. Some people actually do something about it. My clever girlfriend started her own website. If you think about it or talk about it, now is the time to turn those thoughts and words into action. It may take you five minutes or it may take you an hour. I don’t think it matters if you have a lot to say, or a little to say, what matters is that you take the time to say it.

Be a voice for the voiceless. They deserve that much. At least.

isn't it a shame they aren't all left to look this precious?

Last year, Labor made a commitment to run a national consultation on phasing out the importation, manufacture, sale and advertising of cosmetics or cosmetic ingredients tested on animals. We would like to invite you to participate in this consultation.

Any Australian can be a part of the consultation process.

Written submissions are due by 29 August 2014. You can structure your submission in any way you wish, however the Committee is particularly concerned with the following questions:

  1. Should the sale and manufacture of cosmetics tested on animals be banned in Australia? Why or why not?
  2. What would be most effective and efficient way of banning these practices?
  3. What changes would need to be made by industry and government to comply with bans?
  4. How would such bans be policed?
  5. Are there any additional implications we should be aware of:
    1. For industry?
    2. For government?
    3. For the community?
  6. What would be a realistic timeframe for compliance?
  7. Is there anything else you would like the subcommittee to take into consideration when thinking through this issue?

If you have attachments or otherwise cannot use the form online, please email your submission to

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Have I lost my mojo?

Where has everyone gone?

If you are on my half of the planet you’d be forgiven for hibernating right now.

If you’re on the other half you’re probably busy enjoying the summer sunshine.

To those of you still visiting regularly: thank you. I am very grateful.


To the rest of you: I miss you guys … so please come back soon. I feel like this happens around the same time each year so maybe it is a seasonal slump.

Or have I lost my mojo?

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The art of being silly

Silliness seems to run in our family. I handed it down to my sister {who is no doubt reading this and thinking hang on a minute there Big Sister!}, and Love Bug seems to have caught it too.

As I exchanged texts with my cousin {who is also very funny, naturally} and my sister yesterday – the content of which I’ll spare you the hilarity of, if only to protect the innocent – I wondered if things were ever going to change.

Will we ever stop being silly?
Will we ever grow up?
Or is this what being a grown up is?

the art of silliness

I settled on the last one. For us, this is being grown ups. Sending each other silly messages and engaging in lots of giggling and guffawing. Which suits me just fine.

I hope we’re engaging in all manner of silliness until we old and grey. We’ll probably have lost our marbles by then so everything will seem funny all over again.

Thank you to both of you for yesterday’s giggles. And for all of our giggles. I’m very lucky to have you both to keep me laughing!

{BREAKING – message just in from my Little Sister: you may have passed down the silly, but I am the funniest. I’m probably the funniest person anywhere. Ok. Good talk.}

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The only place to be

Love Bug isn’t very well. Her head hurts. She has a temperature. Her arms and legs hurt. Her appetite has faded. She’s got snot {which she’s very enthusiastic to make sure you’ve had a good look at}.

She’s super snuggly and she wants to cuggle. A lot. Even more than usual. {Of course, this can only be seen as upside.}

Even though it wasn’t Saturday last night. And it’s not Saturday tonight, Love Bug is sleeping in mumma’s bed.

the only place to be

Because sometimes when you’re {in her words} feeling a little bit not well your mumma’s bed is the only place to be. It’s also a little easier for your mumma to be right there for you when you need her.

Your puppy dogs too.

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Que Sera

Love Bug has a favourite song.

She sings along.

It’s very, very cute.

If we’re in the car and it comes on she asks me to make it louder.

If we’re in the car and it’s not on, she requests ahead of time in case it comes on for me to make it louder.

que sera

outside of kindy – we can’t get out of the car because the song is still on the radio

Always there with a smile, saying you’re not alone.

Singing la, la la la, Que Sera.

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