Do you miss them?

This is a question for people with older or grown up kids: do you miss them?

I’ve been hyper aware lately of how delicious it feels when Love Bug wraps herself around me – whether it’s her baby koala clinging onto it’s mumma snuggle when she’s first out of bed, or the full body throw into my arms at kindy pick up, or when she just sidles up to me wherever we are and cuddles my leg or kisses my hand or just generally makes contact with me and showers me in love.

Do you miss them?


I know I have many more years to soak it up. We are a very affectionate family too so I’m pretty sure she’ll always cuggle me … just not as much as she does now.

Do you miss it? Do you miss them?

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This has to STOP. We have to stop it.

WARNING: the Lateline link in this post contain images that can be described as nothing less than utterly horrific. Although I didn’t watch it when it aired, I did watch it prior to writing this post. And I am still a total mess.

In Australia you probably need to have been living under a rock this week to have not heard about the latest investigation into the live export of animals and the latest undercover investigation by Animals Australia which aired on ABCs Lateline earlier this week.

Australia exports approximately 3 million live animals each year. Until our government can assure us that animals can be treated humanely, we need to BAN LIVE EXPORT.

Animals Australia’s vision is a world where all animals are treated with compassion and respect and are free from cruelty. We believe that we can create a kinder world for all by fostering respect for animals and that our treatment of animals reflects who we are as individuals and as a society.

I share Animals Australia’s vision. Please don’t ignore this issue because it is too hard to watch or you think all of the vegans and vegetarians in the world are just trying to make a point. Please do something because of the atrocious treatment of these animals. Because they have no voice of their own. Because you can see and feel their fear when you watch these video images.

Even if you can’t watch the footage, you can probably garner from my words how incredibly distressing this is for the viewer. Imagine what it is like for the subject.

Please don’t don’t just ignore this problem. It won’t go away unless we let our government know that it is not acceptable practice. Take action now: Ban Live Export, Stop Live Export, RSPCA, PeTA. Write, email or call your local member of Parliament. Email {} or Tweet the Minister for Agriculture. Email {} or Tweet the Minister for Trade and Investment.

Or better yet, contact ALL of them.

This has to STOP. We have to stop it.

Photo source: Animals Australia

On a lighter note: If you are in Sydney, the Cruelty Free Festival is on this Sunday. A much happier, and anipal-friendly festival. Love Bug and I {both happy, healthy vegetarians!} will be heading along again this year. Details here.

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So I started this group

For a long time I’ve thought about starting a Facebook group that had something to do with this blog. Not just a page for people to like, but something more. Being part of a number of other mumma groups, a couple of days ago I finally set it up.

A group for mummas like me: single by chance, mumma by choice. I’ve not made it a public group because I wanted the members to feel like they can discuss openly, in a supportive environment, the happiness, challenges and general day-to-day that comes with embarking on this joyous {if sometimes bumpy} journey alone.

So I started this group

MJ & Love Bug {photo credit: Israel Smith}

I also think it’s good timing for Love Bug to meet some other donor bubbas. I started the group with the thought it would be localised and for the sake of getting together it will be.

But … and it’s a big but … I don’t want anyone who is either already on this journey, or thinking about this but wanting to talk to people who have lived through it, to feel precluded from requesting membership solely because of geography.

If nothing else, blogging for almost four years has taught me that you can become firm friends and have genuine interest in the well-being of those you have never met, who live in different parts of the world, and who come from backgrounds as varied as the lands we inhabit.

So, if you know any girls who identify as single mummas by choice, or who are thinking about it, please share this post. Hey, why not share it anyway … you may have friends who feel like they are alone in thinking about this. They need to know they’re not.

{ps I know this is not the only group of its kind, but this is a group I created – so I know it will be filled with honesty, laughter, support, love and a little Pinot!}

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When I grow up …

When I grow up, I want to wear Oscar.

I can’t imagine there are many girls in this world who haven’t thought to themselves at one point that is an incredible dress only to discover it was designed by Oscar de la Renta gown. For me there have been many.

The fact that I can probably never afford to own such a fabulous frock, doesn’t take away from my appreciation of the beauty of them. Fitted bodice, full skirt, feminine, ladylike, spectacular, stunning, glorious fabrics, bold stripes, whimsy, sexy, gorgeous. All of those things and so many more. The stuff of dreams.

The world lost an amazing talent today. Oscar was always someone I would have had at my table. You know, the table for 12 where you invite people living or passed to join you. Obviously he would have styled me in a jaw-dropping gown for the occasion.

Rest in peace Mr de la Renta. The angels will certainly be beautifully clothed now!

oscar stripe odlr bridal 2015odlr sparkle - cameron diaz wore it

oscar love bug navy oscar love bugoscar the man odlr carrie petrovski   oscar dayodlr red shortodlr day pinkodlr long

{I heart Oscar. Images from my Pinterest boards. As I scrolled through, I noticed a couple of them I’d pinned more than once!}

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Tasty Tuesday {brownies}

I kind of don’t want to tell you what’s in these. I want to smoosh them through your screen so you can taste them before getting any preconceived notion that I have gone stark raving mad!

I’m going to blame {aka shout thank you from the rooftops!} my lovely friend Melissa for this recipe. She is a foodie like me and dropped into a conversation last week that she doesn’t like sweet potato. What? I don’t understand. I love love love me some sweet potato – in varying forms.

So I set out to look for some recipes to attempt to lure her to the loving side of the kumera friend … and I stumbled across this recipe: brownies {they had me right there, but let’s go on} made with sweet potato. Now it was my turn for a little What? I don’t understand!

Tasty Tuesday {brownies}

But you know me … if there’s a recipe for something sweet which is refined sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy free, egg free and vegan, particularly with rave reviews and the word brownie in the title, I’m obviously going to attempt it. At least once.

Oh. My. Sweet. Sweets.

You are not going to believe the taste of these. I keep having just another one so I can be sure I haven’t actually gone mad and they do actually taste oh so good.

oopsie, had a filter on my phone & didn't realise!

oopsie, had a filter on my phone & didn’t realise!

When I read that Ella {the creator of these insanely yummy brownies} had a similar experience when she first made them, I could almost picture her doing exactly what I was doing in my kitchen. They are easy to make too. I only wish the kitchen fairies would leave me a Thermomix one night while I sleep …

Go to Deliciously Ella. Follow the recipe to the letter {I added one tablespoon of Maca powder for an extra goodness boost, but you don’t need to change a thing if you don’t want to} and while you’re there, bookmark/pin or whatever it is you do to save for later, her other recipes for testing.

Tasty Tuesday {brownies}

The possibilities are endless … and my mouth is watering!

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Best goodnight ever

Snuggled up with Love Bug last night after reading books, she reached out and put her hand on my cheek: I love you so so much in all the world my mumma.

Best goodnight ever

Then without skipping a beat she got really close and put her other hand on my other cheek: You are beautiful my lovely girl. You’re the most beautiful.

Okay then.



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Silent Sunday {play date}


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