Loves for later when you need them

It has become a nightly ritual. Love Bug gives the bubba panda bear LOTS of kisses and cuggles. I give the mumma panda bear LOTS of kisses and cuggles.


Love Bug hands me the bubba panda bear and I her the mumma one.

Take it to your bed mumma. She has lots of loves for later when you need them and I’m asleep.

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It’s all looking a little too familiar


Although now our boxes have extra special labels!

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Flashback Friday {limbo and love}

Flashback Friday {limbo and love}Bella and Barker And they're off

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On grief

I lay awake last night at a stupid hour thinking about my Daddy. I was also thinking about my friend Christiaan. And the paws of pup pals passed. About all of the guardian angels I have looking after me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really glad for their guidance and protection. I like knowing they are around me all the time.

Today though, more than a lot of other days of late, I would like even more if their arms were around me. Or I could bury my face in their fur and breathe in their paws.

As happens so often when you are thinking about something, an article came up on my social media feed about grief lasting a lifetime.

On grief

That has definitely been my experience to date. Some days the grief is like a gentle lapping of waves on the shore and other days it is more like a tsunami.

The trouble is, there is no tsunami warning system for grief.

I’m sending a huge virtual cuddle to anyone who is missing someone today. Whether those angels have two legs or four. I wish you enough to get through your day.


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Wordless Wednesday {zorsted}

zorstedZorsted. That is all.


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Tasty Tuesday {an easy light dinner or weekend lunch}

Is there anything better than beautifully roasted vegetables? Straight out of the oven in winter or cooled in a salad in summer. I know there are people who think roasting is hard work. I’m not one of those people.

I often long for mash but don’t like the heavy feeling I get after eating mashed potato {and let’s be real, it’s never as good as my mum’s, which I always enjoy}!

The great thing about roasting vegetables is that you can roast any combination. We had a bunch of carrots which were almost at the end of their days. I gave them a good scrub, sliced them up {leaving the skin on to keep the nutrients in} and threw them in a pan with some chopped grape tomatoes, rosemary, thyme, a little Himalayan rock salt and a drizzle of coconut oil. Pop them in the oven at 140*C for 1-1.5 hours. You can use a higher temp and shorter cooking time if you prefer, but I think they’re sweeter the longer you roast them.

Tasty Tuesday {an easy light dinner or weekend lunch}

While they’re roasting, make a batch of white bean mash. Then pour yourself a glass of wine and contemplate life for a while.

Tasty Tuesday {an easy light dinner or weekend lunch}

Fresh green peas add a little colour and flavour, so layer your white bean mash then peas and lay your carrots and tomatoes across the top.

Tasty Tuesday {an easy light dinner or weekend lunch}

Pretty, tasty, easy and healty.

Bon Appétit!

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Why are Mondays so tricky?

Monday again so soon? I am going to be tired in the morning.

I know this because I am going to sleep exhausted. The kind of exhaustion that even hours of sleep won’t cure. Because I’ll probably dream about packing, or moving, or security, or one of the other million things spinning in my head.

monday go away monday 1  monday dinosaur monday 2 monday gone yet

The good thing is that by the time this post publishes, there will be a good one third of Monday over and done with already for me. It’s the other two thirds I’m a little concerned about …

Why are Mondays so tricky?

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