Animals should be off the menu. I’m with Philip Wollen.

We all know which side of this debate I would argue.

My thoughts aside, the second speaker for the affirmative in this debate is one of the best 10 minute speeches I’ve heard on the topic. I would not have wanted to be the opposition following Philip Wollen, Australian philanthropist and ex VP of Citibank {who gave it all away}. I can’t believe this impassioned speech was delivered over three years ago and I’ve only found it this week! Better late than never.

Wollen describes himself as an “ahimsan”, a term he has adopted from the Sanskrit word ahimsa, which means “non-violence to any living being”. Ahimsa, he says, is “the most beautiful word ever written at any time, in any country, in human history”.{Source}

Animals should be off the menu. I'm with Philip Wollen.

Although the ten minutes of Philip’s speech are filled with points that are worth repeating {over and over!} there are a couple which stood out to me:

Only 100 billion people have ever lived. 7 billion alive today. And we torture and kill 2 billion animals every week. 10,000 entire species are wiped out every year because of the actions of one species. We are now facing the 6th mass extinction in cosmological history. If any other organism did this a biologist would call it a virus.

I believe another world is possible. On a quiet night, I can hear her breathing.

In an effort to hear, not just listen to, the full debate I watched it online. You can see it or read the transcript of Philip’s speech. You can read more about Philip and the Kindness Trust here.

Animals should be off the menu. I’m with Philip Wollen.

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Book Week: my little nut brown hare


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Family portrait

We’re a little fuzzy … but we’re all in frame! Kind of.

family portrait

Love these critters beyond my wildest imaginings. To the moon and back. Infinity infinity.

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Like red jam to a bull

Love Bug and I went for our Friday morning coffee on the way to kindy and there was a toy bull in residence today.

Without missing a beat she picked him up and nose-dived him into the jam.    

 Mumma, Bulls LOVE red. He wants to swim in this jam. It’s also called jelly.

{Maybe there’s more of her American DNA in there than I imagined?!}

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This went kind of crazy on Facebook yesterday

I had one of those mornings yesterday, so I posted the life tips below on my Facebook page and on the pages of a couple of mumma groups I belong to. So far it has had in excess of 200 likes and the sharing of similarly ridiculous situations we find ourselves in!

standing on the outside looking in

standing on the outside looking in

A couple of life tips from me to you:

1. when liberally applying dry shampoo to your hair, you should first ensure you are in fact holding the dry shampoo – and not the hairspray. #birdsnest

2. when rushing your pre-schooler out the door {don’t even!} it’s a great idea to grab the keys from the hook inside the front door – ideally just prior to the door slamming shut, at which point you will hear a tinkle tinkle crash as said keys fall to the floor. On the other side from where you are standing. #thankheavensforgrandma #rescued

Oh, and ideally – best not to do either or both of these things a morning you need to be at work in a timely manner because there’s a very important meeting starting early.

#isitwineoclockyet? #coffeeoclock? #chocolateoclockeven? #workingmummaproblems


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Thank you

Thank you

Take the time today to tell people you appreciate them.

Tell your people how much you love them. Give them a big warm hug and hold on for that extra moment.

Perform a random act of kindness for a complete stranger.

Thank you for reading my blog. Someone new discovered it yesterday as I can see from my stats page. Thank you new reader.

Have a wonderful day!

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Yet another amazing initiative, because: dogs.

Man alive I love the interwebs. Really. I truly do. I mean, I love to hate it some days because it brings the horrors right to my hand-held device and into my heart. But then a story will appear, something I would not have known about otherwise, and that story eases some of the despair brought in by the horror stories.

This story came up in my feed over the weekend, and it is stuck in my mind. I have shared it on all manner of social media to get the word out. Yet another amazing initiative, because: dogs. The nature of dogs. The calming qualities they bring. The peace and companionship one feels when they are around.

Having had recent experience with the court system and children, I think the Courthouse Dogs Foundation are onto an amazing practice. Any kind of trauma questioning is hard. Whether you are the innocent or {I imagine} otherwise. The surroundings are unfamiliar. The atmosphere is serious and stressful. To have had a dog curled up on the couch beside us, or laying at our feet, would have been wonderful. I know our dogs got extra cuddles {if that’s possible!} during those extra stressful days.

Courthouse Dogs currently have 87 dogs in justice facilities around the US, but their dream is for this to be a global practice. I sure hope their dream becomes a reality.


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