If it is to be it is up to me

If it is to be it is up to me.


At the moment those 10 letters are causing me a good deal less sleep and a good deal more stress. Decisions, decisions, decisions. My brain feels like a washing machine – spinning around in one direction then making a quick change to spin the other way.

I have four lives to consider in my decision making, and I need to make the decisions that are best for all of us. The path of least stress for everyone. Or do I need to cause a great deal of stress then hope it all settles down quickly and becomes the change for the better?

Do I put us all entirely out of our comfort zone and cross our paws it works out. Or do I keep us as comfortable as possible with as little change for everyone other than mumma?

It’s times like these I wish I had a partner to make decisions together. Being a grown up is so over-rated some days!!

If it is to be it is up to me

{I heard the saying in the title of this post at a work conference about 15 years ago, I don’t know who to reference it to but it has always stuck in my head. }

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We seem to have embraced Halloween

In Australia, Halloween is not something we have celebrated until the past couple of years. Love Bug’s kindy had a Halloween party last night … the educators and committee did a wonderful job of decorating the front garden of the centre.

Everyone had a howling good time.
We seem to have embraced Halloween

There was even a mid-party costume swap with her friend: Pirate Fairy {yes, they’re a thing!} to Batgirl and back again!



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Sometimes mummas are naughty

Even though they don’t look like they could be {ha ha}, sometimes mummas are naughty.

Sometimes mummas are naughty

Not naughty like they used to be before they were mummas, but naughty nonetheless.

Just like their kids, this tends to happen when they are tired and haven’t been eating properly {crap food = crap mood}! On top of all of this if they have been stressing about things, they tend to be grumpy then naughty is sometimes only one step away.

Someone we know and love was wandering around eating yoghurt from a squeezie pack, flung her arms around and the contents went all over mumma’s bed – bedspread, throw rug and a few items of clothing.

Aparently that was the one step, and mumma started yelling. Grumpy, naughty mumma.

Dogs fled, Love Bug cried. So did mumma.

Many kisses, cuggles and apologies later, all was okay. No-one is perfect I know, but the mumma guilt that comes with being a naughty mumma is awful!


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Wordless Wednesday {snuggle buddies}

Going to sleep.

going to sleep

Weekend naps.

weekend naps

Waking up.

waking up

I can’t imagine a life without fuzzy loves!

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Tasty Tuesday {coconut ice ice baby}

Vanilla Coconut ice ice baby ….

I decided it is probably time to start making practice batches of whatever I might make for Christmas gifts. The old Christmas favourite of Coconut Ice was the first guinea pig.

Tasty Tuesday {coconut ice ice baby}

Based loosely on this recipe, I used raspberry and passionfruit powder {freeze dried fruit then pulverized so that it’s a powder – fantastic for colour and flavour without the nasties} to flavour the top layers of these.

Tasty Tuesday {coconut ice ice baby}

I think next time around I’ll add something in to make it a bit creamier {check back in for my decision on that one} and I’ll definitely add in some vanilla bean because I think it needed a little something extra.

Or maybe I’ll just add the vanilla bean and make the whole slice flavoured, because the top layer was perfect!

But what’s that chocolate looking one in the corner of the top photo I hear you ask? Well, I had some extra so I threw in some vanilla bean paste, raw cacao and maca powder. Oh yeah, no surprise that was my favourite one!

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When is enough enough?

Today was frigging hard work. Seriously.

Being woken at 4:30am on a Sunday and told to get up only to then have a full hour long ‘discussion’ about why it’s not a good idea to get up {aside from the glaringly obvious that is} that never actually resulted in further shut-eye for anyone … right through until the 7:18pm tantrum because the toy car couldn’t sleep resting on the edge of the mattress without falling off {gravity is my fault entirely apparently}.

Tantrums that last for an hour {not mine, they’re generally much shorter ;)} then divine angelic perfection at the 61st minute.

It’s enough to send a mumma looney.

Then there’s the horrid bully who is harassing me. I got a lovely letter on Friday, addressed specifically to me. The stress of the past 10 weeks of that little episode is more than enough.

Throw into the mix the uncertainty of moving house or not before Christmas.

One of my girlfriends said today that I’m the person who always finds the silver lining. I’m having a tough time with that this evening …

When is enough enough?


Thank DOG for puppy loves.

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Boho bébé

My little boho bébé off to a party yesterday. Her flower power super P cape firmly on.

Boho bébé


That hair?! Seriously. It did not come from me.

Don’t forget: if you are in Sydney on this gorgeous sunny spring day, the Cruelty Free Festival is on. Love Bug and I {both happy, healthy vegetarians!} will be heading out after another 4 year old cutie’s party. Details here.

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