Throwback Thursday {Déjà vu}

When the life I now have seemed SO far into the future I could barely imagine it.

So long ago that reading this statement makes me a little sad that it’s all passed by so quickly.

I bought so many clothes last trip to New York in preparation for my
baby girl that she’s got enough clothes to last her until she’s four!

Throwback Thursday {Déjà vu}

does she really need all of those clothes mumma?

She’s grown out of nearly all of them – and she’s only a few months from four!

As one of my friends said yesterday: some days it’s good to glance back, if only to see how far you’ve come.

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What you don’t know they know

Given how little she is {and how cute and well in tact her tiny teeth are} I was quite amazed when this conversation, or rather soliloquy, happened tonight. Love Bug was being silly chomping on her spoon and I said she should be careful or her teeth might fall out.

Mumma when my teeth do come out … will it hurt? … I will leave it under my pillow and the fairy will come. The tooth fairy. And while I’m asleep she will take my tooth and she will leave me some new moneys. When I wake up I will say ‘mumma come, mumma – wow look what happened’ and you will say ‘wow bubba, you have moneys from the tooth fairy’.

What you don't know they know

Yes, that is a miner’s light on her head. A Love Bug one naturally.

What the what? Who told her about the Tooth Fairy? Not me that’s for sure. And none of her little friends have lost their teeth. So where?

Charlie’s little sister. I am wracking my brain: who on earth is Charlie? You know mumma, CHARLIE. Well, his little sister.

The penny dropped: Charlie and Lola. Do you mean Lola Bubba?

Yes mumma, Lola. She told her daddy ‘look daddy the tooth fairy left me moneys’.

Did she tell her mumma too?

Lola and Charlie don’t have a mumma, they just have a daddy. Like I just have you. I love you so much.

{At this point I’m not sure of the make up of Charlie and Lola’s family, but I love how matter of fact she is that families come in all shapes and sizes.}

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Tasty Tuesday {heart pies}

This week’s recipe was inspired by the cold, rainy weather, and the abundance of pears and raspberries at the farmers’ market. It also happened on the weekend, before I decided that sugar and I should probably see a little less of each other. Having said that, there’s only a little coconut sugar in this recipe, which I added in to balance out the tart of the berries and lemon.

Pear and Raspberry Heart Pies
Tasty Tuesday {heart pies}

What do I need?
2 sheets of ready rolled pastry {source gluten-free here}
6 firm ripe pears, roughly chopped {I leave the skin on but if you want a less textural filling, peel them before chopping}
1 cup of fresh raspberries
1/2 teaspoon grated nutmeg
2-3 teaspoons of lemon juice, to taste
1 tablespoon coconut {or any other raw sugar} to taste
1 tablespoon organic butter
Yolk of one egg, whisked

Now what do I do with it?
Pre heat oven to 180*C {350*F}.

Melt butter in skillet/pan over medium heat, add chopped pears and let simmer for five minutes or so. If you need any more liquid during this time, add a splash of water. You want your pears to soften but not go to mush. Add in nutmeg and lemon juice.

This is where you’ll want to taste to decide whether to add sweetener. Pies generally have grainy sugar added, so I chose to add coconut sugar to this recipe, but you could use an alternative sweetener to avoid sugar altogether. Remember the raspberries will add another element of tartness to the pie. Level of sweetness is such a personal thing I think!

Remove from heat and stir through raspberries until well combined.

{We had our heart-shaped sandwich cutter out drying so thought it might be fun to make little hand pies that shape. By doing this and making 5 hand pies, we had plenty of mixture left over, which we’re adding into gluten-free porridge and having with plain yoghurt.}

If using a shape, cut 2 pieces for each pie. Place the bottom sheets on a lined baking tray. Whisk egg yolk and brush outer edge of bottom pieces of pastry with the yolk. Spoon your pear and raspberry mixture into the middle of the piece of pastry, being careful not to overload it or your lid won’t fit on.

Place the top pieces of pastry on and wash the entire top piece with the egg yolk. Gently press edges down using the tip of a fork. Pierce the top piece of pastry 2 or 3 times and pop them in the oven to bake for 35-40 minutes {or until golden brown}. Watch them at the end, they may need a couple less or a couple more minutes depending on your oven. Golden brown can turn to charcoal in the blink of an eye and ain’t nobody’s taste buds got time for that disappointment!

Remove from oven and let cool slightly before enjoying on their own, or with a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream. Or yoghurt!

They’re tasty the next day too at room temperature.

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Grumpy Cat

{Also known as: Crap Food = Crap Mood: The Mumma Edition}

I have been bad. No excuses {except well maybe: um, hello winter and feeling like utter crud for weeks!} but the past few weeks, then amped up over the past few days I’ve gone particularly hard on the sugar consumption. And not the good dark organic chocolate stuff that you only need a little bit of either. The other rubbish. Quite a lot of it. And ice cream too.

Guess what happens to your happy demeanour if you eat a lot of sugary crap? Grumpy Mumma. Kind of like grumpy cat, but nowhere near as cute. Just ask my critters! Actually, I wasn’t grumpy with them, but I noticed how short-fused I felt and then realised I had done myself absolutely no nutritional favours.

grumpy cat

So it’s time to get back on the healthy bandwagon. I know how to do that. In fact, I like it. It makes me feel better. But I’m not one to go cold turkey, and there are a few tasty morsels floating around in my pantry and freezer that might just have to be eaten this week {because wasting them is not an option and I have no idea who that bloke Will Power is so keeping them there isn’t an option either}. I’m going to wean myself over the next week or so and then I’m contemplating another 30 day nutritional cleanse. I should be ready to start that in a couple of weeks when hopefully the weather is just a touch warmer. The benefits of the cleanse I did 10 months ago lasted for months after, so that’s got to be a good thing. 

This probably means the number of sugar-free raw/whole food sweet recipes will increase. Just so you’re prepared! If anyone’s keen to cleanse with me, leave me a message below or PM me. It will be so much easier to do it together!

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Silent Sunday {out takes}

Those cute photos in the banner? They happen first time, every time.

Silent Sunday {out takes}

Or not.

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Mayan chocolate

Oh how we love the treasures to be found at the farmers’ market.


Organic Mayan coffee and chocolate – perfect for a drizzly cool morning!

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Your smile could light up New York City

Your smile could light up New York City after dark.

Favourite song line right now. Seriously, what a smile that must be!

In a world which seems so heavy this week with war, death and very little peace or uplifting news; it feels like a good time to focus on the fabulous little things.

Like the smiles of those you love.

Your smile could light up New York City

Happy Friday lovelies!

{This is the song the line is from.}

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