Guard dog

No-one is getting near his sleeping beauties without his permission. 

What a gorgeous guard dog you are Beary!    


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A little misconception

I feel like I need to clear up a little misconception. On Sunday evening I posted this photo to social media as part of my 365 days of gratitude series.

A little misconception

I tagged it:
#365daysofgratitude {day 287: the photo I’ve waited over two decades for. I look almost as happy as I feel!}#friendship #love #worththewait

I have had a few people privately reach out to me and ask me if I’ve finally found love – or if I’ve been having some clandestine relationship for two decades that is now out of the closet.

No, and no.

Well, actually yes I do love this man. He is a very dear friend. If you are a regular reader, you’ll probably have some idea who he is.

But no, we have not been having any kind of clandestine relationship, just a wonderful friendship which has now turned the page to a new chapter!

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She’s been here before

She's been here before

So, Love Bug said to me:

Oh mumma, I love that painting of Paris!

She’s never seen the painting before – Boulevard Montmartre Foggy Morning 1897, Camille Pissarro.

She hasn’t been to Paris either … at least not in this life!

She’s been here before.

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I adore my Friday morning cafe date with Love Bug.

At one point today we were both giggling about something and when I looked up a couple of people waiting for their coffees were smiling at us.

Guess our little ritual made a few people happy today?!

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Remember Me Thursday

Today is Remember Me Thursday. The day to shine a light on all orphaned pets.

It is a day to light a candle and remember all of those hundreds of thousands of pets who never knew or will ever know what it was like to have a family of their own to love and died in shelters.

If you are considering a pet, Fantasia and Peri are not loving the shelter environment {can you blame them?} and are both urgent and on the kill list at Renbury Farm. They are two of the thousands of animals on kill lists around the country … no matter which country you are in.





Please visit your local shelter if you’re looking for a forever family member with four legs – but remember: they are forever, however long you are lucky enough for that to be. If you can’t adopt, consider becoming a foster parent. Not everyone fails at being a foster parent, just ask Pikelet, whose Ma and Pa are amazing foster parents!

#remembermethursday #lightforpets

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Welcome to the next chapter: FREEDOM!

Long time readers will know I have a friend who has been in prison for a very long time. A lot longer than most because of where he was arrested – over two decades ago!

Today is the kind of day you know you are alive.

Despite being Spring, the air has a blustery, cold late-Autumn feel to it and it kind of hits you in the face when you step outside.

Today is a good day to be alive. Today is a good day to be leaving that life behind for good. A day to look forward to all of the amazing opportunities, love and happiness ahead.

Welcome to the next chapter my friend: FREEDOM!

Welcome to the next chapter: FREEDOM!

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You hold me tight and I will hold you tighter

Love Bug and I were huddled under a light blanket on my bed drawing pictures for the dogs. Because that’s what you do on a Monday afternoon.

We were under the blanket so that Bella and Beary can’t see our special surprise drawings for them.

You hold me tight mumma and I will hold you tighter

At one point, Beary jumped on the bed. Love Bug launched herself at me, snuggled in really close and wrapped her little arms as tightly around me as she could. You hold me tight and I will hold you tighter.

Ten words. Ten. The vision that flashed into my head was of the thousands of parents holding their children for dear life, carrying them from war-torn lands in the hope of a peaceful future.

I held on so tight to my Love Bug – safe, secure and happy on my bed – and sent up a request to our guardian angels to look over those who are not so fortunate. And an extra thanks that we are.

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