Food for thought



Happy thankful day to those of our friends celebrating. Thank you for sharing our life.

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Yard sale

My desire to take less with us when we move has seen me selling a lot of excess stuff. It feels good to be lightening the load. As moving day draws near {although we still do not have anywhere to move to!} I figure I can either spend all of my nights photographing and loading items to sell online … or I could have my first ever yard sale. The yard sale won.

How do you get people’s attention when you’re having a yard sale that is selling mostly girlie items?

Yep, the Gos!

Yard Sale

Apparently my Ryan Gosling ad was a little stroke of genius. It has had a lot of social media interest. Let’s just hope that converts to buyers!

I may have accidentally mentioned that if people buy things he will be there to carry them to the car … shirtless.

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Wordless Wednesday {urgent}

It’s our last day on earth … unless you can share us and help try to find a rescue, a foster family or better yet: a real home of our own with someone to love us.

austin patchturbo edward

We’re at Renbury Farm. We have lots of friends in shelters who also need help. There are a couple of gorgeous older friends Hawkesbury Pound who are in particularly dire need today.

There are precious friends like us all over the world. Check in with your local rescue and take some fuzzy love home for the holidays!

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Tasty Tuesday {sometimes food}

What else are three girls to have for dinner at the end of two solid days of sorting and packing?

French champagne and pizza of course. Well, two of the girls had French champagne. The littlest one was happy with water!

Tasty Tuesday {sometimes food}

Is anyone else noticing a theme here? The dinner of {tired} champions apparently!

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My favourite labels

I have two favourite labels. No, not fashion labels {although we all know I love Oscar!}. I’m talking about box labels. Packing boxes to be precise.

My mumma, who is an absolute angel, has been helping me pack. Again. For the millionth time. All weekend. What a woman! When people say to me you’re a great mumma I know exactly why this is {well,the good bits at least} – I have the best role model ever.

At one point yesterday I was packing Love Bug’s room {Love Bug was out with one of her friends and their mumma seeing a movie, having milkshakes and playing – yet another mumma I’m grateful to this weekend} and my mumma was packing kitchen things.

I labeled the box I’d just packed and then I laughed. Shouldn’t everyone have a place for hats, handbags, capes & wings in their world?

My two favourite labels

As I added it to the wall of boxes currently lining our hallway, I noticed the label on one of the boxes I’d carried from the kitchen, written in my mumma’s writing: KITCHEN – stuff that mumma doesn’t recognise – for being creative in the kitchen!!!

My two favourite labels

It’s the small things.

When my mumma was finally leaving last night {after dinner of champions – French champagne, margarita pizza and rocket salad}, Love Bug called out to her thanks for looking after my mumma today while I was out.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.



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Loves for later when you need them

It has become a nightly ritual. Love Bug gives the bubba panda bear LOTS of kisses and cuggles. I give the mumma panda bear LOTS of kisses and cuggles.


Love Bug hands me the bubba panda bear and I her the mumma one.

Take it to your bed mumma. She has lots of loves for later when you need them and I’m asleep.

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It’s all looking a little too familiar


Although now our boxes have extra special labels!

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