What now?

What do I do when I’m stressed and need relief? Something creative. Preferably cooking, but have also been known to redecorate – paint an old piece of furniture found on the side of the road or give a room a new look.

Food and wine are an integral part of my life and I love nothing better than to cook then share a meal with family and friends. I am the style of cook who tends to make it up as I go along. I have an incredible selection of cookbooks and adore my Gourmet Traveller subscription, but I tend to browse through them for inspiration rather than specific recipes. Like everyone, I have my favourite things to cook, my back ups that I can cook with my eyes closed (or after a few wines!!) – my lasagne seems to always get rave reviews and repeat requests. Simple salads such as green bean, spinach & haloumi and roast vegetable stacks also get a good run. Fabulous ingredients are essential – I try to not eat anything processed if I can help it.

I plan to make cooking and exercising two things my baby and I do together – hopefully teaching her to enjoy the process of making and enjoying a meal for family and friends, knowing all the time that exercise is a part of her daily life so eating home-made chocolate mousse every so often is totally fine!!

My sister became a vegetarian a few years ago while living in the US. Since she returned home, I’ve been honing my skills around the vegetarian dish arena. I am hardly eating any meat/fish these days, so always looking for ways to get more protein into my meals.

I have an incredible sweet tooth too. Oh, to be one of those people who doesn’t have a deep desire for sugar every day. Chocolate in particular!

Given everything that’s going on right now, I feel the month ahead may be filled with home cooked yumminess! With a bit of painting and redecorating thrown in for good measure.

Recipes anyone?

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  1. Karyn @ kloppenmum says:

    Since kids I’ve become the queen of the 20 minute meal – not from a packet, but from start to serving…don’t know if you’d want any of *those* recipes!

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