Doesn’t everyone bake cupcakes the morning they have a bubba?

So, I’m having a caesarean. Today. I get to meet my bubba. The wait is over. The most awesome experience of my life is about to happen. Wow.

I’d better bake some cupcakes. No, really, I am going to bake cupcakes. That way, when I have visitors they’ll have something to snack on. My friends nicknamed me Martha for a reason! When my mum arrived for a visit this morning, she wasn’t surprised to find me icing a batch of cupcakes. The kitchen calms me. Baking calms me.

It is so surreal that this is the last morning it will just be me and the mutts. Or that there will only be 3 girls in our family. Or that I have no responsibility (ha ha).

I gave the dogs huge cuddles. I am going to miss them so much. I know they will be okay with mum looking after them, and I hope they’re okay when I come home with their little sister. I know there’s lots of love in my heart for all three of my kids!

Next stop motherhood. Ah-mazing …

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