The view from my shower

I used to dream this would involve an Ashton Kutcher or Ryan Gosling type. Hey, I’m not that fussy – even a combination of the two would be okay by me.

This morning as I looked out through the partly open sliding door of the shower, I had to laugh. Perched in her high chair at the bathroom door sat my Love Bug. This way I can multi-task: warching her eat while getting ready for work. She is happily chomping on (or rather gumming into submission) her newfound favourite breakfast – toast soldiers.

Sitting ever so straight – and hopeful – in front of the high chair, my eldest dog Bella. You can almost hear her willing those mushy pieces of toast to the floor – a tasty snack for a mutt.

Not so polite in his desire for her breakfast, Bear stands beside Love Bug’s high chair. Every so often he gives the ledge beneath her feet a sweep with his tongue, not one to miss out on a crumb should one go astray. Occasionally her foot gets a lick too. Oblivious to the reason behind the lick, Love Bug giggles as it tickles her super soft foot.

Lucky for us, the timing of toast soldier consumption and a quick shower for mumma are about equal. I have learnt the hard way that getting ready for work while bub eats is one thing, getting dressed for work should be reserved for the split second before walking out the door.

It’s an interesting life this journey of single motherdom – and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Oh, and in case you’re curious, I split the left over toast mush equally between the fuzzy loves 🙂

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