I want my mum!

Keep in mind I’m a single mumma with a teething (read: not sleeping as well as she normally does) bubba when you read the following two words.

Food. Poisoning.

Yep, that’s a whole lot of “oh my god I can’t cope” you’re hearing from me right now. From the bathroom floor. Where the tiles are cool on my face, but I have a mountain of towels wrapped around me trying to keep me warm.

What if bubba is crying? I can’t hear her and I don’t actually have the strength to crawl to the other end of my (small) house. I’m sure if there’s an issue one of our 4-legged friends will let me know. I just really want to go to sleep. I want my head to stop pounding. I want my tummy to stop feeling like an extra from Alien

I want my mum.

I’m going to crawl back to bed. I’ll be able to hear bubba at least. Even if I don’t have the strength to pick her up.

So, the good thing to do on a morning after a night like this (ie: up at least once every hour & sleeping in 20-30 minute stretches) is to get up, organise bubba, take her to day care and go to work. Yep, that’s the Sally Sensible thing to do. But it was a really stupid idea. So after my first meeting I turned around and went back home.

To bed. Where I bundled up my freezing body and put my head down and slept for 3 glorious hours. Uninterrupted. Knowing bubba was safe at day care and knowing the pups were safe – because they were on the bed keeping me company. And acting as canine water bottles. Ah, the delicious warmth of them.

When I woke up it was because Beary alerted me there was someone at the door. My mum. How good are mums? Mine is tops. Seriously.

I went to get bubba from daycare but other than that I didn’t actually have to think about another thing for the next couple of hours. I fed bubba while mum pottered around doing things for us. All the little things I needed to do so we can get out of the house tomorrow but had no strength to do.

Then I put bubba to bed, had a piece of (dry) toast with mum (she had lovely raspberry jam on hers) and went to bed. Earlier than I’ve been to bed since first trimester pregnancy exhaustion!

I love my mum.

And I love my bubba. She chose those two nights to sleep like an angel from 10:30pm until 6am!

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  1. Mums can be great when you need them. I hope you’re feeling better now.

  2. Ellie Belly's mumma says:

    I don’t know how you do it. You’re amazing! Also, isn’t it amazing that they seem to know when you really need the rest. My bubba let me sleep in til 11 one day when I had a sore throat and sniffles. We were still up for usual feeds during the night, but nice to get that extra special sleep in.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I don’t know that I’m any more amazing than any other mumma, just that I’m ever so lucky Bubba chose me to be hers. x

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