The view from back here

No prizes for guessing how much I love my bubba.

I could look into her beautiful little face all of the hours my eyes would stay open. But lately – because she’s on the move and crawling – I’ve fallen in love with another view.

The view from back here.

It’s not a new thing for me, loving this alternate view. I can quite often be found staring at puppy dog ears (and not just the 6 ears in our family either). From behind they really come into their own – because I can’t be distracted by big soulful eyes, or smiling snouts.

I’ve been reminded a few times in the past week or so how much I love the alternate view.

My fuzzy blog friend Bassa posted a photo a couple of days ago (Bassa I hope you don’t mind me sharing here) in a blog about being on the top of the world ( My latest ‘favourite photo’ of Bassa changes quite often, but I think this one may be here to stay!

It reminded me of one of my favourite photos of Bella and Beary. I like to think of them in this photo as neighbourhood watch – they are keeping watch out the front window to make sure all is right in our world (sitting comfortably on my bed of course!).

There are many more bubba photos which fit this theme (as if there was any thought in your mind there might not be) but I love this one – it captures such a lovely moment in her relationship with her fuzzy sister!

 A very important note here: Bassa is my fuzzy blog friend who very graciously awarded my blog a Liebster Blog award this morning –

I’m so very thankful to Bassa. More on my Liebster in the next couple of days as I have some homework to do to make sure I Pay It Forward to the most deserving!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Bassas Blog says:

    Another beautiful post. I love the views from behind! Congratulations on your Liebster Blog Award – it is thoroughly deserved! Thanks for including the link to my view from behind!

  2. Bongo says:

    Congratulations on your award, and I love these pics from behind.

  3. Great pics! Adorable little girl and beautiful dogs!

    1. Thank you – I think so (although I could be a *little* biased). I had a few giggles reading your blogs after Bassa introduced me to them.

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