And the award goes to …

It’s my turn to pay it forward with some recognition and thanks for bloggers who have shared their stories and lives with me and made me smile every time I read their blogs – be that daily, weekly or just randomly by surprise. I like the randomly by surprise blogs, they’re kind of like seeing a hand written letter from someone you like amongst your post. The kind you wished you got more often.

Firstly I have to say a huge thank you for bestowing this award upon me, and follow it up with a right back atcha to Bassa – If you even vaguely know me, you know I love dogs. I have a soft spot for big beautiful dogs and Bassa certainly fits that description. She’s a Caucasian Shepherd – the kind of dog you just want to snuggle into and never let go. And you get the feeling she’d be okay with you doing just that. Her blog is written by the Tall person, a very wise man who shares stories of their lives in the Republic of Georgia, along with stories of history, and their family: De, the small person and Mr ‘Crazy’ Parrot.

Loving dogs leads me to the next couple of blogs. Both of these I found via Bassa – so again, thanks Bassa!

There are only a few stories from this pair of Bernese Mountain dogs – (although very social media savvy – updating on Twitter and Facebook too!), but I like their style, I like that they advocate for their fur friends – and I am very keen to read more of their adventures!

Rumpy – reminds me of my Bear – they could be distantly related, the kind of long lost second cousin who lives a loooooooong way away, but you know you’re going to have a fabulous time with the second you see them again. Rumpy’s story is also similar to Bear’s. Bear had a home, but was headed to the dog refuge because his family had to go back to England suddenly. I was going to be his foster mum. That was 2.5 years ago! Needless to say, he’s now my adored middle child – and the handsome man of our house. Anyway, back to Rumpy. I love that Rumpy has found his fur-ever home, and that he shares it with other furry friends – and us! We’re very privileged for that, so thanks Rumpy. I am particularly loving the Letters to Santa, but the interviews and guest writing you do for other sites are all equally entertaining!

Another dog whose blog I love is Bongo –, although Scratchy (the cat) has been guest blogging while Bongo is staying at the dog hotel this weekend. Bongo says he likes to get up to mischief, but I think that’s what all dogs do, isn’t it? Anyway Bongo, I like to read your stories. Scratchy is okay at blogging, but I missed you this weekend too!

This blog is written by a man who should find the time to blog some more – hint hint Israel! I can say that because not only is he my friend, he is an awesome photographer, a great supporter of my blogging and my bubba (and the dogs and pretty much every crazy idea I’ve had in the past couple of years!), and he’s also an all round genuinely good guy. In addition to reading his blog, if you live in Australia and you ever need photos taken (or lessons in how to take great photos) – he is your man!

If you’re looking for a blog that will make you laugh – complete with fabulously named characters (which I love!) then should be the next blog you subscribe to.

Okay, it’s taken me all weekend to write this blog. Partly because bubba is sick and doesn’t want me to put her down. It’s really tricky when you’re a bubba and your nose won’t stop running and you need to lay down to sleep and no-one seems to understand that you can’t breathe very well when you are laying down with a nose full of yucky stuff. The only way to deal with it is by yelling as much as you can until someone (aka Mumma because – let’s face it – who else is there?) picks you up. And keeps holding you.

Anyway, that’s not what this blog is about.

This blog is about sharing the blog love – which I hope this has done in some small way. And to say a huge thank you to the bloggers mentioned here – those who blog daily and those who blog randomly – for bringing a little something into my life that I never knew I was missing but would miss terribly if you weren’t there!

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  1. Bongo says:

    That was a real surprise – finding this award on your post. Thanks. I hope Bubba feels better soon.

  2. Moxie Dogs says:

    We would first like to write that we’re very, very sorry to read about Bubba not feeling well. You wrote, ” Anyway, that’s not what this blog is about.” Actually, don’t you think it is? We’ve just met through the Liebster Award, and while we’re thrilled, right now we’re concerned about Bubba and you. We think that it is what you should write; it’s sharing the love–blogs have wonderful people and their families behind them, and they need to know that people are out there who care! Huge cyber hugs, from the Berner Girls. Are you on Twitter? xx

    1. I am on twitter and following you! I tweet as me, not from my blog: mumma, single girl & advocate for our 4-legged voiceless friends (@princessmaryjo). Thanks for the big hugs. Sending you kisses for the top of your fuzzy heads. xx

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