Awards Season – Part 1

At this rate, I’m going to need to hire a stylist and get some gorgeous dresses – yesterday I was awarded not one, but two awards! Wow, what a day.

The first is a Kreativ Blogger Award – nominated to me from my friend Bassa ( I sent Bassa a big virtual belly rub and kiss for the top of her beautiful fuzzy head to say thanks!

I need to tell you 10 things you don’t know about me. This finding new things to tell you may be tricky because of my usual tendency to over-share, but here goes!

1. I’m aracnaphobic. Seriously. As in I HATE spiders. With a passion. I once stopped my car on a freeway by pulling the handbrake on and promptly exiting the car. The big hairy spider won that round.

2. My dad was a butcher. His daughters are both now vegetarians.

3. I sew little shapes on baby singlets to sell. Like this:

4. I love to cook. Love it. Find it relaxing. I know – crazy right? Particularly when having a nice glass of Pinot while I’m cooking. (Apparently I’m quite good at it too. The cooking part, not the drinking Pinot part.)

5. There are 4 breeds of dog in my house (german shepherd, kelpie, golden retriever & alaskan malamute). But only 2 dogs. Who have the same colourings and markings. Insane. But oh, so cute! See:

6. My little sister and her husband lived in Chicago a few years ago. While they were there, Barker the Labradoodle (although he prefers Labradude) came to live with them. I love that dog. Then they all moved to New York for a couple of years. My sister has ALWAYS wanted to live in New York. I missed her like crazy but it was so much fun to visit. I can’t wait to take Bubba there.

7. I am an Italophile. I soak up everything I can about Italy. But I haven’t been there yet. I think I may have lived there in a past life. Bubba and I will explore it one day together. She has Italian bilingual baby DVDs so we’re learning it together.

8. Don’t even get me started about Disneyland. Love. That. Place. Happiest Place on Earth for sure. I once worked for a film company in Australia and our studio was based in LA. I went there for a business trip and nearly missed my flight home. Not because I was in meetings – because I had gone for a quick visit to Disneyland after work and before my 11pm flight! We’re planning a family visit for Christmas (ah, Main Street with all of the Christmas decorations up – sigh) the year before Bubba starts school.

9. I have green eyes. Which are blue around the outside.

10. I don’t know how I ended up working in an office. I really don’t. There are much more creative pursuits I’d rather be following. I’m working towards them. Hopefully by the time Bubba goes to school, I won’t have to work full-time (or in an office other than my own). 

The other award was a Liebster (my second) with thanks to my new blog buddies over at Misty Shores Chesapeakes – yep, more gorgeous dogs for me to love (

In Awards Season – Part 2 (to be published in the next few days) I will pay the blog love forward and share some blogs I enjoy with you.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bassas Blog says:

    Congratulations! You deserve these awards and many more! The facts about you are so interesting. You stopped your car on a freeway by pulling the handbrake on? Sounds like something Bruce Willis would do in an action movie – thought I doubt he is scared of spiders 🙂 I love the design on the singlet – very beautiful! Great picture of Bella and Bear 🙂

  2. Bongo says:

    Congratulations on your awards. You and Bubba are going to have so much fun in Disneyland.

  3. Congratulations!!

    I love Disney World also, went to the one in Florida many many years ago and hope to return one day. Too funny about the spider, my brother is deathly afraid of them too and almost put his truck in a ditch once because a teensy little spider was on his leg…lol
    Love the baby singlets, how creative.
    Love love love your dogs, beautiful!!

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