She said what?

Bubba managed her longest stretch of sleep in 10 nights last night – 6 hours! Way to go Bubba!

I’m still tired. No surprises there. But I had to wonder if I was hearing things this morning on the bus. I was sat beside a woman who was having a chat with another woman standing in front of us. So, I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation.

People have different perspectives of life. Perception is reality. I get that. You don’t know what you don’t know, but when I heard the woman standing utter these words, I was glad I wasn’t drinking coffee at the time – or I may have spat it out.

She was talking about the three month sabbatical she’d taken from work. Regaling the seated woman with stories of wonderful, far away, warm, interesting, exciting places she’d visited. How rested she was even from the time during those few months she’d been at home and just spent her days having sleep ins and catching up with friends for coffee. Then came the clanger:

You know, I never had maternity leave, so I’ve never had that long of a holiday before.

Um, did I miss something?

Is there a secret club of parents out there who spend their parental leave swanning about to exotic locations, having sleep ins and coffee catch ups?

Oh, don’t get me wrong, we had mother’s group coffee catch ups. They were just a little more like this: drinking coffee from a take out container (less chance of spillage) with a small person squirming/screaming in your lap, or feeding from your boob or a bottle, having tangential conversations with other sleep deprived, parents, splattered in baby vomit and milk, sometimes seated in a cafe (usually outside so as to not disturb non-parent patrons) and sometimes walking the streets pushing bubbas who don’t want to sleep at home.

That’s what we new parents call luxury! And an escape from cabin fever. Or maybe the cabin in cabin fever is really code for some kind of holiday destination?

Perhaps I really did miss the point?

uh oh, did we miss the point of maternity leave?

(It would seem my sense of humour has returned today – thankfully, as I’ve missed it!)

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  1. I think she probably never had maternity leave because she never had a bubba of her own, so she’s IMAGINING it’s like a vacation!

  2. victoriablt says:

    Hello!! Tag – you’re it!!! Please check my post for “rules” (I really enjoy your blog!!)

    1. Oh, what fun – thank you so much, I love reading your blog too!

  3. Bassas Blog says:

    Hahahahaha! I am very pleased that your sense of humour has returned 🙂

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