Tutu funny

No, this isn’t a ballet post. Although I’m sure in another few months there will be tutus galore (particularly if Fairy Godmother has anything to do with it)!

When things are really funny – as in too too funny – for some silly reason I’ve always referred to them as being tutu funny. I know, Beary said it earlier this week, mumma is a little cray cray.

Bubba is going through a phase where – when the sky is not falling in – things are tutu funny. Seriously. SOOOOOOO funny. Really, really funny. Fake (really loud) laugh until someone joins in kind of funny. Giggle-a-saurus funny! (Yes, I did just invent a new dinosaur).

Bubba is funny in the car (mumma was stopped at the lights when she took this photo).

Bubba is funny at home – see, even the teddies think I’m hilarious!

Yep, tutu funny.

And tutu cute to boot!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. dogdaz says:

    Tutu cute! She is getting so big

  2. LOL….. Dogdaz beat us but we to will also say.. TUTU CUTE! LOL….What a wonderful smile….

  3. Bassas Blog says:

    Your post is tutu funny and the pictures are tutu LOVELY 🙂

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