We wish for whirled peas

I managed to somehow miss that 4 November was BlogBlast for Peace day, but now that I’ve read our friends Rumpy and DogDaz blogs I’m all caught up.

So, one day later: We wish for Whirled Peas!I can’t remember where I saw that written unfortunately, but it tickled my funny bone.

On a more serious note, if today you can perform one random act of kindness, for someone you know, or a complete stranger – you’ve made a difference. If you show kindness to a 2-legged or 4-legged friend (join The 13 Project!), or the planet we all share – you’ve made a difference.

You can make a difference. We all can. It’s a lesson I’m helping Bubba to learn.

I still think if everyone had a puppy to love there would be much less fighting and sadness in the world. And if all of those puppies were adopted from shelters there might not be a need for shelters at all. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful world?

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  1. rumpydog says:

    I like peas and hominy!

  2. rumpydog says:

    PS: You won the Innova giveaway! email me your mailing address to Rumpydog at hotmail dot com!

    1. Woo woo woo arooooo … thank you so much! Mumma has emailed Jen, Beary xox

  3. I agree…what an importance lesson to teach her!

  4. mimilenox says:

    Thank you for joining us for BlogBlast4Peace! I am new to your blog. What a cutie!
    Whirled peas..yes, I’m all for that.
    You are #2606 in the Official Gallery @ blog4peace.com
    We hope to see you next year as well.

    Peace to you and yours,

    1. Thanks Mimi – we’ll definitely join in this year. Happy (and peaceful!) 2013. x

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