After a global issue disabled the check in systems for airlines everywhere, we finally took off for our holiday – two and a half hours later than planned. But (thankfully) a lot sooner than thousands of others.

Timing your flight to align with toddler’s happiest most awake time of the day? Out the window! Taking off on her first flight about the same time she would normally for to bed for her daytime sleep? Guaranteed very very tired, but too excited to sleep, Bubba.

Sitting in 1A. Looking super cute. And lapping up the attention. As stressful as the whole experience was for a mumma taking her Bubba on her first flight and the associated mess of yesterday, Virgin Australia could not have been more helpful to me or more wonderful and doting on the gorgeous blue-eyed blonde sitting in 1A.

When the flight attendant suggested she looked so happy that she should always fly in 1A I asked that maybe they’d like to find mumma a really wealthy husband!

(Not a sponsored post, I just like to acknowledge fabulous customer service when we receive it.)


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  1. dogdaz says:

    Have a great trip. Flying in 1A is one small way to meet richer than average available partners. LOL

  2. Bubba looks like a seasoned traveler 🙂

  3. Sounds like you ended up faring rather well, if 1A gets all the perks 1st class gets here in the US!

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