So, what have I done?

At the beginning of October I posted about The 13 Project, a pawsome idea Serena at Pretty Fluffy started – to encourage individuals to do 13 things before 2013 to help animals. So, what have I done?

Number 13 on my list was that I would be accountable and report back about how many ideas on my list I’ve actioned. Although it’s not 2013 yet, and I’m hoping that Bubba and I get to number 4 while we’re on holidays, I thought I’d give you an update on the others.

1. Drop some treats at our closest RSPCA shelter for their Tricks for Treats program. Although we didn’t get to the shelter in time for this program, I did call and donate some money with the request that the money be used to buy treats for it.

2. Take all of our old towels to one of our local shelters. Done! We took a huge bag of towels and blankets as well. All pre-loved, but still in good condition.

3. While we’re there, drop off some home-made organic dog treats. I haven’t done this one yet, but I have made some from Serena’s fabulous e-Book for Christmas treats!

4. Volunteer some time to give the shelter pets some loves. (This is Bubba’s favourite one by far!) As mentioned above, we haven’t got to this one … yet.

5. Try to keep track of other people who are participating in The 13 Project and share their links on Facebook and Twitter (using the #the13project hashtag). Done!

6. Continue to educate Bubba about the importance of shelter pets. Taking her to the shelter to drop off our pre-loved items was one of the harder things I’ve had to do, but it’s so important that she learns this lesson early in life. Not all puppies are as incredibly loved and cared for as ours. Sadly. When we were leaving the shelter, I had to sit in the car for five minutes before I’d stopped crying enough to be able to drive.


7. Buy our Christmas cards from an animal welfare group. Time got away from me this year and I only wrote a few cards that I had at home already. Next year!

christmas wish

8. Continue to be a voice for the voiceless. I created a board on Pinterest for fuzzy loves needing furever homes. I will admit that this was a good idea in principle, but in practice my heart broke when I tried to click through to anipals who I’d posted earlier only to find that they were gone. Not adopted, you understand, but gone from this earth. I had to take the links off Pinterest at that point, my heart can’t take it. Instead I’ve pinned other related stories and pins. I’ve also been trying to help find Cilla and Jessie a foster family. They still need one. Help if you can. Even if that help is just sharing this link!

9. Encourage people to take out pet insurance. I could not ever have a pet without insurance. Try to find one like ours which is through the RSPCA so some of our premium goes back to the animals in need. Done!

10. Continue to be a responsible pet owner. If a dog has problems, there’s not much use looking to the dog to fix them. It’s up to us as owners. We wouldn’t let our human family members down if they had issues. Why do people do it to dogs? Done, the hard (and expensive) way. Something in our neighbourhood has started upsetting Bella and Beary so we’ve been trying to find out what it is to alleviate stress for all concerned. This week Bella has been wearing a special collar and that seems to have finally helped. It’s been a tough few weeks though. The whole way I’ve kept our neighbours informed about what I’m trying though – so they know I’m a responsible pet owner.

11. Go through the mountain of toys in our home and donate the ones that are lesser used but still in good condition to a local shelter. Done! We took these to the shelter when we took the blankets and towels – and I think they were more appreciative of the toys.

12. Peter Alexander does another gorgeous calendar featuring lovely boys and hot RSPCA dogs for rescue. Or is it the other way around? Either way, this one gets a big tick yes (fantastic last minute Christmas gift if you’re still shopping)!

13. And lastly: be accountable! Done. Happily.

Give your pets some extra love today. And if you can, give a pet in need some love too. I would like to give them all loves – but that might take more than a day!

a forever dog

10 Comments Add yours

  1. theloverlist says:

    What a beautiful post MJ. I wish I’d known about this project! I guess it’s not too late to get started.
    Dogs are the true love of my life and I try and promote the importance of rescue shelters and foster dogs all the time. My little Sonny is a rescue dog and my life is 1000% times lighter and brighter because of his unconditional love and French kisses – I recently posted about him on my blog –
    B x

  2. Good for you! It’s a wonderful list of achievements!

  3. 2browndawgs says:

    Congrats on the good work. 🙂

    We have three dogs and no insurance. When I costed it out, there just wasn’t a lot of benefit. I keep money aside for emergencies.

  4. I wrote a blog post today about shelters, and tried to persuade people not to get them for Christmas gifts. < The post

    A friend of ours found 2 female kittens in a box by where she worked. They were skin and bone, and extremely dehydrated. Even with all that they were still incredibly loving and barely skittish. Which was hard to believe. We found their brother kitten the day after.

    I think I will put a link to this blog post and the project in my post (let me know if you would like it removed).

    It's hard for us to volunteer at a shelter because we want to save each and every pet. It's still something we want to be involved in.

  5. Such fabulous work! #6 must have been so hard, but such a powerful thing to do. With a mum that’s so caring and kind, your daughter is growing up with such an amazing role model.
    Congratulations on everything you’ve achieved!! Merry Christmas xxx

    1. The 13 Project was inspiring and great to be part of. Bubba and I will join in on the 14 Project too if you have one! Warm Christmas fuzzies to you and your fluffy loves. xox

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