Twas the night before Christmas

Bubba and I went with Grandma to Babies Proms on Saturday, at the Sydney Opera House. The performance is designed for children from two to five years of age. It runs for 35 minutes and is interactive, teaching the children about music, singing, movement and instruments.

It’s the first time Bubba has been to the Opera House. And she had a great time. Thanks Grandma!

Saturday’s performance of Twas the Night Before Christmas and it was fabulous. The children all sit on a carpeted area on the floor in front of a small stage. There was one performer and the ‘rockin’ reindeer band’ (four string, two wind and two percussion instruments) telling the story, interspersed with Christmas carols which the children and adults were invited to join in and sing along.

Bubba stood mesmerised for the first 20 minutes or so, but then she started dancing and clapping and threw herself into it. When I asked her how she was feeling as we left, she responded with a beaming smile and a Happy!

What more can a mumma ask for? I will admit to having to bite back the tears quite a few times in that brief space of time. In Christmases past I dreamed of having a Bubba to hold while watching Carols By Candlelight, or when I used to see parents with their kids at Christmas.

babies proms

And now I do. I have the best Bubba on earth. And I still can’t believe she’s mine.

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  1. Opera House! What a fancy little girl! Sounds like perfect fun!

  2. Aww she is sooo cute! And she got into the performance at the end, that’s when it all counts! I’m sure even though she is so young she’ll still remember this day for years to come!

    1. Thanks Kirby, we think she’s pretty cute too 🙂 Hope you have a lovely Christmas. You look a lot like our friend Max, so you must be a super awesome dog too!

      1. “I have my moments! being a small dog and all, but I really am! Would love to meet a dog who loooks like me, I always seem to get along with dogs that resemble me, as odd as that is!”- kIrby

  3. 2browndawgs says:

    Sounds like a great program for kids.

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