Oh sugar sugar

Love Bug went to her first grown up party on the weekend. Our friend turned 3 and it was a pixies and fairies party.

As one of the two youngest at the party, I wondered how my shy little Bubba would go. As I imagined, she wasn’t too keen on the group playing with the fairy … unless I was holding her or she was on my lap. So, while the older kids had fun with the Fairy, Bubba spent a little time just wandering around, chatting and looking at the beautiful decorations before the kids all sat down at the table together.

Again, I wasn’t sure about how she would be sitting around a table with 15 other kids {and no seats for mummas} but she was great. Even though I took away most of the sugar, she still seemed to have a great time – and asked for seconds from the fruit platter.

When it came time for birthday cake, it was a tower of cupcakes. I managed to reduce the full cupcake to about one quarter of its original size when I was ‘unwrapping’ it because oh sugar sugar, she’s sweet enough!

sugar 1 sugar 2 sugar 3

And she didn’t seem to notice.

Yesterday was one of those days that mummas dream about. She was utter perfection and a number of times I looked at her and had trouble believing I created her. It really was my finest moment.

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  1. Such a big girl. What a satisfying experience, to be able to watch her use what she has learned from Mumma to conduct herself on her own. It’s a proud accomplishment – for both of you! xoxo

  2. Ann says:

    She’s growing up and definitely has benefitted from all you’ve taught her!

    I’m glad you’ve been able to keep a lot of sugar away…my daughter’s doing the same.

  3. dogdaz says:

    What is it about kid’s a blue food. LOL, She is Momma’s big girl now.

    1. She is a big girl … where’s my bubba?!

      1. dogdaz says:

        Wait until she starts having full discussions, then you actually stare at them because you can’t believe that you created this being who is really having an intelligent conversation with you on a topic other than poop, food, or doggies.

      2. I’ll probably burst with pride!

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