Can’t. Talk. Eating.

Bubba has never had an issue with food. Despite being little, she has a great appetite. There are very few things she won’t eat, and it’s generally not that she doesn’t like them, rather she goes through phases.

Broccoli, after a summer in the sun, has been momentarily banished. But that’s okay. Each time I read about the number of serves of fruit and vegetables kids should have each day I have a little giggle to myself. Bubba is the poster child for eating fruit and veggies.

So often when I ask her what she would like for dinner, her answer is peas!

Once she has her dinner in front of her, very little can distract her.

can't talk eating

Can’t. Talk. Eating. Peas, tomatoes, white bean and cauliflower mash and vegetarian ‘sausages’. I just wish I knew if she’s eating her favourite part first, or she really is leaving the peas to last because they are her favourite.

It might be another couple of years until I know the answer to that one!

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  1. Sage says:

    What is it about peas? My Poppy loves them too!

  2. Hugs I’ve just passed on the Word Press Family Award to you, bubbam, furbabies and your bloggie xxx’s love Jessie & Jane

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