I spill on you

Bubba and I had a rough evening. I have had a headache and nausea for days, and she has  a cough, runny nose and a good dose of the whinges. Not a great combination.

At one point she was crying and I was giving her a cuddle trying to console her.

When she pulled her head away from me, she realised my sweater was wet because of her tears.

i spill on you

Look mumma, I spill on you.

That put a smile on my face.

It’s so much fun to live through her learning how to communicate. You know, except when it’s not. Then we just both end up spilling.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sage says:

    Now, that’s just plain adorable!

  2. Feel better you two! XO

  3. dogdaz says:

    Feel better ladies – You are so sweet and we have a yummy for you http://dogdaz.com/2013/05/23/5-23-13-thankful-thursday-miss-harper-lee/

  4. tylersat99 says:

    Hope you both feel better and soon 🙂

  5. Bassa's Blog says:

    I hope you have both recovered xx

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