It’s a big wide world out there

Bubba is really clingy at the moment. It’s not enough to be near me, I need to be holding her, or carrying her, or wrapped around her if we’re laying together reading.

I think it’s partially the change in her routine, and partially being two and a half and becoming aware that it’s a big wide world out there, and there are things that can hurt her.

it's a big wide world out there

She has commented a lot of late about things can’t hurt me or if we’re somewhere and she feels there’s danger she’ll say careful or I can’t fall then look to me for reassurance.

It kind of makes me excited for her that she’s growing up, and her awareness of the world is growing. And it kind of makes me devastated for her, that her perfect little world will now include things that frighten her or make her uncertain.

But it mostly makes me want to wrap her in a cashmere blanket, pop her in the baby carrier and carry her around forever, close to my heart and never letting her out of my sight.

PS – I wrote this blog yesterday, then last night I spent the night getting up to my Bubba every 90 minutes or so to settle her from a night filled with dreams that made her cry and call for her mumma. Where is that cashmere blankie?

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  1. Wouldn’t that be great? Cashmere blankies for everybody! What a perfect world that would be….

  2. Penny says:

    a child never stops needing the parent that loves them, whether their world is being ploughed up or if its all poppies & roses 🙂

  3. Bassa's Blog says:

    Sorry to hear that Bubba had bad dreams 😦 xx

  4. Dalton says:

    Sometimes I thinnk everyone feels like that!

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