Donor Babies and Father’s Day

If you ask Bubba who her family is, she’ll tell you mumma, Bella, Beary, grandma, Aunty, Uncle, fuzzy cousin Barker, great Aunty and occasionally a couple of other aunts and uncles {who are really mumma’s cousins and friends}. She knows families come in all different shapes and sizes.

Some families even have cats!

So far we haven’t had any discussion about who her father is. Because she hasn’t asked. And when she does I’ll give her an age appropriate answer.

So what does a donor baby do when we get notification of a Father’s Day breakfast at Kindy? She takes her Uncle Kier along of course!

father's day kindy breakfast

We’re so lucky he’s such a lovely uncle. He really is her man. He has her back and is her Buddy. And she loves him to the moon and back.

And it’s finally Father’s Day … so now he can open her present!

Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy, who I miss every day. x

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  1. tric says:

    These posts are such a testament to and memory of the love you have for you Bubba. Children take their cues from us, if you are okay with her creation so too will she be. She is much loved which is all any child or adult ever wants.

    1. I’m so incredibly okay with it – it’s how I got the daughter I am meant to have 🙂

  2. Bongo says:

    So glad Bubba has someone to take her to the Father’s Day breakfast. I hope he doesn’t get all my little girl loves though.

    1. Little girl loves are something that she has an ENDLESS supply of!

  3. Yay for Uncle Kier. Sometimes, a girl needs a guy in her life. He looks like a perfect guy.

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