Rainy days and Mondays

Love Bug has been suggesting {mumma, we could go on a train together soon if you like?} that we should go on a little excursion together. After her making that suggestion a few times on Saturday, I told her if the weather was okay on Sunday that we could go.

Rookie error.

Sunday 5:15am I hear mumma I awake so I sleepily find my way to her room and carry her back to my bed and suggested we go back to sleep. We can on a train together today if you like mumma? At this stage it was raining outside. Quite heavily.

Fast forward an hour or so. No sleep for anyone, although I did attempt to close my eyes a number of times. Mumma, you awake? Kind of. Is the weather good for train? Can you go out the back and let me know if the sun is shining or it is raining? {Close my eyes for 45 seconds}. It’s sunny mumma, we go now? I might point out here that was the only 20 seconds the sun shone on Sunday. And by shone I mean the clouds were a little lighter and it wasn’t actually raining cats and dogs.

We don’t go on public transport much at all. I drive everywhere. Or we walk. So a train to a 3 year old is apparently lots of fun. By the time we are ready to leave the house it’s bucketing with rain. There are two trains from our home to the city, the destination for our journey so we could buy new ballet slippers for my budding ballerina.

We head to the light rail station closest to our house. It is closed for the weekend for track work. I turn around and drive to the closest station for the big trains. Guess what? Line closed for track work for the weekend. Replaced by buses. So on the bus we get.

Half way to the city, Love Bug looks out the steamed up window of the 40 year old bus. I love buses mumma. {Phew.} Of course, the replacement bus doesn’t go quite where we needed to go, so we did end up on a train for one stop. Tick. Tick. No public transport for mumma for a while.


The less I say about the rest of the day the better. The ballet slippers are cute though.

As we got into the car finally on our way home, Love Bug’s new favourite CD was playing Rainy Days and Mondays.


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  1. Bongo says:

    My person says there’s a really cool train here that takes you to the Grand Canyon that you could take when you come visit. And her friends made it home. She only got to talk to them briefly this morning, but they were very happy to have met you.

  2. What is it with little people and trains? I was on the train with my friends kids at the weekend which was THE MOST FUN EVER! until the train conductor only checked the adults tickets – you should have seen their little faces fall!

  3. fredrieka says:

    I am glad she had fun and I know you got soaked.. I would be afraid to go on a train but my mom would give me a treat and it would calm me.. No trains here though to test that theory

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