Happy mutts

Bella, Beary and I went for a big walk before we picked Love Bug up yesterday.

I had hoped to take them to a leash off beach but when we got there a couplae of dog walkers had a huge amount of dogs there and it was chaos. Even on her leash, that would have been a bit too much for Bella so we continued our walk. {What was that about responsible pet ownership?}

The grounds we walked in had a large area where there were no other people or dogs so I let them both off for a good run {and I ran too, and ran, and ran}. Tuckered out we plonked ourselves under a shady tree for some water. I left Beary off leash for a little longer, but Bella was happy to be on leash and wandering by my side – checking for pee-mail at every tree.


We were almost back at the car when Bella tugged on the leash. A split second too late I realised she was about to plonk in the middle of the nearest stinky puddle. How, I wonder, does this continue to surprise me after 9 years?


As soon as he heard the splash, Beary turned. No prizes for guessing where he ended up!


Happy mutts.

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      1. rumpydog says:

        I am doing some better. I hope my enzymes are starting to behave. My medicines costed almost $200!

      2. We hope your enzymes start to behave too! It’s a lot of money but I bet Jen is like me & will go without something so you can have medicine you need.

  1. Of course they’re happy. Stinky puddle followed by a car ride. It’s the perfect recipe for happiness….

  2. fredrieka says:

    I love pee mail. I never get a chance to linger.. I never leave pee mail in public I hold it till I get home. Mom is worried one day I will have an accident or explode

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