No lions in 20 years

This came up in my Facebook feed last night … and had me at hello.

Big cats are such creatures of incredible beauty and power. I am in absolute awe of them and always have been. How amazing would it be to befriend one of them, to spend your life gaining their trust and friendship, to play and cuddle them. In their natural surroundings. To spread the word about their plight and threat of extinction. Meet Kevin Richardson …

lion cuddle

It was with a heavy heart that I listened to Kevin speak about the fact that there may not be lions in 20 years. What an awfully sad thought that Love Bug may not have these gorgeous creatures in her grown up world.

When are we going to learn to share our planet, live sustainably and not pillage the earth to the detriment of all other species?

{In reviewing this post before posting, I noticed a typo in the header No lions in 20 tears instead of years. How apt.}

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  1. Dalton says:

    20 years – that’s shocking!!!

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