Since Love Bug and I moved to our new home, I’ve been in project mode. I’ve given some old garden chairs new life; painted the wall around our fireplace; {almost finished} painting my bedroom; painted my iron bed; and collected fabric {and a LOT of Pinterest pins!} to try to decide which direction I should go with cushions and colours.


Yes, for those of you who know me well, I did just type colours. My twenty-something year obsession for homewares that are white on beige on cream with a dash of neutral is slowly coming to an end. I’m embracing colour.

I don’t know if it’s having Love Bug in my life, or whether maybe I’m just over attempting to keep aforementioned colour scheme free of paw prints and finger prints? Whatever it is, it’s happening slowly. But surely.

Over the weekend I updated a second hand Ikea kids kitchen so that it matches the colour scheme in her room, and Love Bug and I finished painting a couple of second hand bookshelves. I have a vision for her room, and have been encouraged by the arrival on her 3rd birthday of super special painting {more on that soon}.


Is the finished product perfect? Not if it were being inspected on The Block maybe, but for us it is absolutely perfect. The paint is thicker in some parts where Bubba thought she might like to finger paint a few panels. We have a paw print or two on the shelves from where they were drying and Bella dashed out the back and didn’t quite make clearance. There may also be a number of Beary’s furs stuck to the side where he took his role as forepaws very seriously and got a little too close. But to us, it is perfect!

A project the whole family got involved in and had a lot of fun and giggles along the way.


Who knew Bella had such hidden talent?

Look out for room reveal …

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