I can do that darling

Love Bug and I were talking about something mundane. Me putting books away while she tidied up toys. She paused and touched my hand to stop me.

I can do that darling.

Um, is she real? Did she actually just call me darling? That boom you just heard was my heart exploding. I stopped putting books away and scooped her up in my arms, smothering her with kisses.


After I put heto bed last night she called out, so I went back in. Come closer she said as she reached her arms up. I did, and she held my face close.

I love you so much darling.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Amanda says:

    Poppy is mirroring her beautiful Mumma 🙂

  2. Passing on the love to her so she can pass it on to others in her life. Beautiful.

  3. So sweet. Darling. She’s hilarious. And adorable.

  4. aviets says:

    I think I just melted. What a treasure she is! 🙂 -Amy at http://www.momgoeson.wordpress.com

  5. Sanchia Klaassen says:

    OMG she is the sweetest thing xxx


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