Do you need forever friends?

My social media feeds are overflowing with owner surrender senior dogs. It utterly breaks my heart and I’ve been in tears more than once this week.

The reality of a senior dog being put in a kennel looks like this.

shelter reality - oscar

This is Oscar. He and his partner Cody have been surrendered because their owners are old and not well and can’t look after them. It breaks my heart each time I look at them.

shelter reality - cody

If you live in New South Wales, or somewhere else in Australia {or know anyone who does} please please share this post in the hope of finding these two a forever home together.

Contact Friends of Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter.

There are SO many loves needing forever homes. Please consider adopting or fostering a shelter pet. Senior dogs are precious. And deserve to see their days out in loving environments, not so terrified that they would rather dig their way out of a cement floored kennel.

UPDATE {26 March 2014}: Oscar and Cody have been adopted together – yay!!

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  1. cheekyjordan says:

    I am a volunteer for Maggies Rescue and we see this every day at the pounds. It’s utterly heartbreaking and the reality of me filling up my home with every dog i’d cried over would be crazy to say the least. Thank you for sharing this message and helping these darlings have a voice. I have shared it on FB and will continue to cross my fingers for them. I really hope they find a home together.

    1. I follow you guys on Facebook too … is it just me or has there been a significant increase in the past month or so of senior owner surrenders?

  2. fredrieka says:

    It is cruel.. horrible

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