Tasty Tuesday {I don’t love popcorn, but …}

I saw a photo of something like this on my Instagram feed late last week. I said to the girls at work that my kitchen challenge for the weekend would be to make a no added sugar version.

I don’t even love popcorn. Really, I don’t. I just don’t get it. Well, I get it, but not like normal people. Give me ice cream at the movies any day over popcorn. This, however, may have changed my mind.

What do you need?
1 cup organic popcorn
A pinch of Himalayan rock salt
6 tablespoons organic nut paste {we had organic peanut butter in the pantry so that’s what I used}
2 tablespoons organic coconut oil
3{ish} tablespoons sweetener of your choice – I used rice malt syrup and found 3 was sweet enough!
1/4 cup organic dark chocolate

caramelly popcorn 1 caramelly popcorn 2  

Now what do you do with it?
Prepare your popcorn and sprinkle it with the salt. Melt the nut paste, coconut oil and sweetener over low heat until combined. Stir through popcorn until well coated. Spoon into mini muffin tin or mini cake papers then pop in the fridge until set. Once set, melt your dark chocolate and drizzle over the top. If you want more of a chocolate hit, you could dip them in so chocolate covers half of them. Put them back in the fridge to set. Or if you live in a house like ours, put them in the freezer … which will guarantee they last a little longer! Store in an airtight {mumma-proof} container.

caramelly popcorn 4

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bongo says:

    Not in the freezer! On the counter. It looks like a perfect reason to go counter surfing.

    1. Except for the chocolate part!! Beary and Bella were pretty excited to lick the peanut buttery goodness left in the bowl 🙂 It’s rare they get to do that with Bubba around!

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