We stopped in at our vet this morning to pick up some special food for Bella and Beary. They both seem to have upset tummies, probably because our suitcases are out and they don’t like it when we go away. {Either that or the new food they’ve eaten the past couple of days!}

Our vets do a lot for local rescue groups and there are a couple of cats currently in residence in the cat tower in the waiting room. Love Bug made a bee-line for them so I sat down next to her.


A divine brown border collie nudged my shoulder, leaned in for a cuddle then plonked on my lap.


Not this one, but one who looked a whole lot like it. Never one to pass up some collie any kind of dog love, I sat for a few minutes and cuddled my new friend.

This wasn’t enough apparently because as soon as I stood at the vet counter, my friend jumped up on his hind legs, front paws on my arm. More loves?

If I have to.

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  1. That’s the only fun thing about the vet waiting room – the potential for making some new friends. I hope all tummies are feeling better soon. xo

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