Why did his bottom fall out?

There’s no delicate way to tell this story, but here goes.

This is Gus.

why did his bottom fall out

Gus is just lovely. He’s my 4-legged love in Melbourne and adored family member of the friends we are staying with.

When he stands up and Love Bug is sitting down his bottom is roughly at eye level. Earlier this week, he stood up and walked away from her, which elicited the question from Love Bug.

Why did his bottom fall out?

{Yes, she was talking about his dangly bits. And yes, mumma did have to immediately leave the room to fall about laughing with the other mumma in the house!}


2 Comments Add yours

  1. vicbriggs says:

    The things kids come up with. Just like adults, but funnier 😉

  2. fredrieka says:

    awe cute boy I would love to play with

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