Yesterday was a great day. I achieved a lot of little things, the sun was shining, I had lunch with friends and when I picked Love Bug up from kindy, she ran up to me with a huge smile, arms out wide and said oh hi mumma, I love you and I missed you today!

Did I expect to have a great day? Sure, I expect that every day is going to be a great day. Some of them don’t turn out that way, but at the outset there are 24 hours to look forward to. So, what was so special about my day? If we’re Facebook friends, you may know where I’m headed.

Mid morning I was taking the car to fill it with gas. Just before I turned the last corner to the gas station, out of the corner of my eye I saw an old man and his dog sitting on the footpath in the sunshine. I wondered if they might be homeless and figured I’d check in with them once I’d filled my car up to see if they needed anything. So, my expectation going into that exchange was perhaps that I could offer some kindness to a man and his dog.

What I got from our exchange far exceeded my expectation. What I got was a lovely 20 minute conversation with a man who was not homeless, but lived in a small apartment nearby. I heard the story of his beautiful golden retriever {aged 13} who someone was going to have put down when he was 3. The old man said he hadn’t really thought he wanted a dog at that stage, but you know – they choose you {I sure do know that!}.

We then spoke about hip dysplasia, dogs growing older and the array of natural and alternative medicines and treatments he’d tried for his dog. He taught me that putting half a teaspoon of turmeric mixed with a little black pepper {to aid digestion} hidden in food morning and night will help with joint and bone aches in dogs. Discovered in India as apparently there is barely any arthritis in the women there and when various studies examined their diet, turmeric was the magic ingredient.

We talked about Bella and Beary and when I was leaving, he asked that I bring one or both of my fuzzy loves along for a visit with his Reuben when next I was wandering by.

That interaction made my morning and helped me smile right throughout the day. By extending a small kindness, look at how much I got in return. Not expected, but incredibly appreciated.


If I’d had my phone with me I would have asked for a photo so it could be my happy moment for today. Share your happy moments with us by joining us for #100morehappydays.

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  1. Margaret Beirne says:

    Im so proud of you! As you know already, your daily posts bring me so much joy and expand my love for my generous, big-hearted and compassionate niece! And I’m sure that stories such as this one are touching many other lives as well as mine. Well done!

    During the past week, I had this brilliant (!!) thought, what about heading off to Italy for a few months? Of course, this brainwave may not be such a smart idea but I had fun finding out if it is possible!!

    Love you lots, and see you soon.

    Aunty Marg xxoo

  2. Sage says:

    What a lovely story. And so true!

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