But why?

How does someone who is not currently gainfully employed {mumma} still have a good dose of Monday-itis? I’m sure if I were on holidays, as opposed to just unemployed, I would feel differently.

But why?

Perhaps it’s the stress of not knowing. Maybe it’s the niggling sensation that the jobs on my to do list haven’t really shrunk as much as they should have considering my lack of employment.

Why is my insomnia back with a vengeance? Why do I feel as if I’m caught in quick sand and getting the simplest of things done seems about as easy as finding your way in a pea soup fog?


I’m waiting for my a-ha moment. But I know better. I have to make my a-ha moment happen. Get up and chase it. Like I usually would. All is not entirely lost in the fog. I’ve been applying for jobs, our clothes are clean, our house is respectable {maybe don’t look inside too many cupboards – some of them are on the list}, and we’re eating the usual array of home-made goodness.

But I feel like it’s all happening in super slow motion, and I can’t find the right switch to set it back to normal.

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  1. Sometimes a little slow-down is a good thing.

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