Tasty Tuesday {winter warmers}

For those of you at our end of the Earth, it’s a little chilly. In fact, this morning I would have called it outright cold. Of course cold where we live compared is a balmy Spring day in other parts of the world, but for us, 7*C is cold.

I had plans to cook over the weekend. Well, I cooked, but nothing new. I was having a conversation with a friend a few days ago about mug cakes. She had never heard of them. So I sent her a link for how to make them. Got a mug? Got a microwave? Got 30 seconds? You’ve got mug cake.

Mug cakes got me thinking to my other favourite winter dessert: pudding with sauce. Chocolate molten lava pudding. Butterscotch pudding. Any kind of pudding you can burn your mouth on the gooey centre of. The kind you dollop a spoon of vanilla bean ice cream on and it melts immediately to a river of happiness around the cakey fudgey saucey goodness.

Here are a few winter pudding/warm happy tummy recipes I’ve flagged {aka pinned} to try:

  1. Salted caramel apple dumplings
  2. Chocolate cobbler
  3. Self-saucing butterscotch pudding

Tasty Tuesday {winter warmers} And, just because you know you want to … and if you’ve never indulged you may or may not want to be my friend after this … here are some quick and easy mug desserts. 20 of them.

Sometimes foods are so good … sometimes. Back to healthy next week!

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