The quintessential fantasy fireman

A little heart starter for your Monday.

Between the face plant and hospital, we just happened to bump into a truck full of firemen. For reals. Yes, yes, I know! And no, I didn’t chase it down. We’d stopped so I could borrow a phone charger from my friend, and the firemen just happened to be outside her home on a call out.

We were chatting to a couple of them and they said I’d done all the right things so far but to make sure we get her to emergency to have her head checked out.

I started to feel a little woozy. Not because of my deep concern for Love Bug, rather because when I actually looked up at one of the firemen, I could barely believe my eyes. There in front of me was standing the quintessential fantasy fireman.

not the actual fireman
**not the actual fireman

Tall {6’4″ at a guess}, broad, handsome and a fabulous smile.

The {tall} glass is always half full!

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