The calm

Ah, Boxing Day. The calm following the crazy happy high of Christmas. For me it seems to be a day of reflection. Christmas is the peak at the end of the year, then there’s the small slide into New Year’s Eve and new beginnings.

What loose ends do I need to tie off for this year? What plans do I need to make for my little family for 2015? What book which I’ve been neglecting on my bedside table needs to be read in the shade of our back garden trees? I’ve written a list of things which answer the first question. They seem to be practical things. House things. Items that I put to the side once we’d moved so that I could get Christmas organised.

The second list seems to be weighed towards our well-being: emotional, physical, nutritional. Building myself up to be in the strongest emotional and spiritual state I have been in a long time over the next couple of months to face a demon head on in late February. Hopefully once that has passed and I deal with the outcome, I will be able to move forward at peace. A state I have definitely not felt for most of this year.

ee cummings

Also on the list are a number of ideas I’ve had over the years. I’m going to look at them one at a time and give them some clear thought and planning, and if they seem as good now as they did when I first had them, 2015 is the year they will be given an opportunity to flourish.

Mostly I am going to be present. It is a goal I strive for constantly and feel like I fall short a lot of the time. I’m going to attempt to be a little easier on myself in the year ahead. I am one person. One me. One mumma. One daughter. One sister. One friend. One.

One who is going to laugh, love, enjoy the sunshine, play, get adequate rest and enjoy some wasted time over the break.

john lennon

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  1. Great quotes! I love your plans for the near future. The end of February sounds ominous, but clearly it’s not something to be shared. Good luck with it.

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