Advocating for my child

While I can’t go into this in detail with you, I wanted to share a little victory I had this week. Someone asked for Love Bug to do something. Not a little thing, a big, important, life-impacting thing. Quite possibly very negatively impacting.

My gut reaction was to say no. Others in positions of power disagreed with me.

My mumma instinct was to still say no.

Saying no could lead to consequences for me which weren’t fabulous. But I continued advocating for my child. For her rights, for her health and well being. For her peace, inner beauty and innocence.

You know what? I won the battle.

It is a small victory in this bigger nightmare I’m living right now, but it’s the most important victory to date.

As a parent, sometimes you need to stand against the system, against professionals who tell you otherwise.

You have to ask the right questions, probe for answers if you don’t get them and advocate for your family.

Advocate for the voiceless in the world.

Particularly when those with no voice are yours.

blissfully unaware

That’s when your voice needs to be the loudest.

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  1. To say I am proud of you sounds massively condescending, but I don’t mean it that way. I hope I am that brave if ever I am needed to be!

  2. Becky says:

    Thank you for being so brave! We need our loud voices the most when our baby girls don’t yet have their own. Becky (mother of one)

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