My only beef with Fifty Shades of Grey

My only beef with Fifty Shades of Grey: Why did they not let Jamie Dornan {the spunk who plays Christian Grey – he of singular tastes} speak in his native tongue? All of that sexiness with an Irish accent?! So maybe that’s why … it really would have been too much.

Oh, so I have another beef with it: Why did they make him shave his facial hair? I know, I know, Christian Grey is all about external appearance and control, but really?

If Jamie Dornan showed up with all of his sexiness, intense stares, beautiful suits, low slung jeans, then flew me around in his helicopter {and his glider}, kissed me like that and played the piano for me shirtless, there’s a possibility I’d buy into some of his naughtiness too. Let’s face it, we’re not talking about Homer Simpson here. Jamie/Christian is smoking hot!

Dakota Johnson is pretty gorgeous too. Just saying.


{I am going into hiding now while all of the people incessantly opposed to Fifty Shades and the focus on messed up relationships hunt me down!}

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