No more Fridays

I hear an audible gasp – what do you mean no more Fridays?

Relax friends, Fridays are no longer a work day for me from this week forward – for at least the rest of 2015. Woo hoo! After almost three decades of working full-time, I have been offered {and accepted} a great job that is 4 days/week. Not quite the 4-hour work week, but headed in the right direction!

I’ve had a fun time the past 9 months or so at my 12 week contract. I’ve dipped my toe {who am I kidding, I really jumped into the deep end!} into work I haven’t done for years. And I really enjoyed it. It’s been great being in the middle of a busy open-plan office again, and I’ve met some lovely people. Next week will be my last week here.

What then? Thursday will be my new Friday. Friday will become my day to do all of my home jobs so that our weekends really are weekends. I’ll be able to clean the house, do the washing, do our grocery shopping and all of the other myriad little jobs that need doing that eat into our quality time together at weekends. I may even get to go for a run, or do a class, or see a movie, or read a real book. I will be able to spend some of that day dealing with all of the emotion of the past year and a bit. I will be able to breathe again. Study. Give light and time to ideas swirling in my head.

I’m going to be busy. But I am VERY excited about the opportunity to be busy doing my things. My chaos on Fridays will make way for more relaxing and fun on the weekends.


Oh the potential. Yay!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Congratulations! Nothing beats the 4-day work week. Except the 3-day work week. And the 2-day work week. And…. Anyway YAY! 3-day weekend, here you come! Enjoy!

    1. I’m working towards those reduced numbers!

  2. Gen says:

    This is the best news!! Well done xx

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