Transformations: before and one after

I don’t think I’m very good at being still. Particularly when I’m not feeling very well. So if we’re stuck at home so I don’t share my germs too widely, let’s attack some projects!

While I don’t have a before photo of Love Bug’s art and craft draw, suffice to say it was a big old mess. Pencils, glue, bits of paper, stickers, books all strewn together. One IKEA cart and a couple of dollar store pieces later, we have an art and craft cart.

In the few waking hours since it has been finished, I’ve watched her take out a tin at a time, or a book and some stickers … and put them all back once she’s done. My room looks really lovely doesn’t it mumma?

art & craft cart

The next two will take a little longer. I have picked these pieces up free or almost-free in the past few weeks, waiting to be inspired as to their treatment.

This antique sewing table will become my bedroom desk. I’m thinking French Farmhouse with the top stripped back and waxed and the legs painted.



It’s the perfect size for the corner of my room and I love that I can fold the sides down when not using it.

My last little treasure {treasures actually – I found two of them!} are getting a metallic makeover. I’ll start with one which I think would make a super cute bar cart, but being a responsible parent most of the time, it may have to serve as a hall table instead!

side/bar table

This is how a mumma on a budget keeps up with her obsession with changing things at home. Give me some paint and a piece of furniture with a little bit of character and watch this space.


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  1. Cassie says:

    I love restoring furniture, I am currently in the middle of repainting an art deco wardrobe for Piper’s princess room, i am thinking about lining the inside with fabric, I recently discovered how to do it on Pinterest and relly want to try it!

  2. Can’t wait to see the after pictures!

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