Bock bock bock reddit reddit reddit

I don’t even know where or when I first heard this joke, and have no idea who to credit it to, but here goes…

We’re in the library. A chicken is at the front desk.
Bock? he asks, so the librarian hands him a book.
The chicken wanders off with the book.
Next day, the chicken is back. Bock bock?
The librarian passes over two books. Away he went.
The third day chicken returns.
Bock bock bock? The librarian hands him three books.

By this stage she’s curious, so she follows the chicken.
She watches the chicken take the books to a frog, sitting across the way.
The librarian is a little confused, but continues to follow the chicken.

The chicken approaches the frog.
Bock bock bock, he places the three books into the frogs hands.

The frog responds by tossing each book aside one by one: Reddit. Reddit. Reddit!

{Sorry. Not sorry.}


2 April is International Children’s Book Day, initially celebrated on this date to honour Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday.

In a world where tablets are prolifically in the hands of babes, I am a firm advocate for the book. As in a paper version, not an online version. Love Bug has always loved books. She comes from a long line of book worms who will always encourage her interest in reading and her imagination.

a reader lives a thousand lives

While tablets {or audio books} have their place, it is my humble opinion that reading from a book and handwriting notes is what the cool kids will always be doing!


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