Oh my DOG, seriously?!

How many times do you need to ask a four year old to do something?

I’ll tell you: approximately 84 million {on a good day}. How freaking hard is it to just do what your mumma asks you? Very freaking hard apparently.

Understandable if your mumma was asking you to right the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but in this instance it was to tidy up the stuff on the bedroom floor and put your shoes on.

The negotiating. The questioning. The tantrums. The but why you don’t have shoes on.

Oh my DOG, seriously?!

I have very little in the way of voice at the moment because I have a cold. I really don’t want the itty strains that remain to be utilised nagging a four year old.

I just want to leave the house. Is it really that difficult?!


It would be faster if I lived with a centipede. A stubborn one. Who wore shoes.

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