On being looked after

As a single mumma, it is rare that I am the one being looked after.

I had a taste of it this weekend and, although it took a little adjustment at first, I have to say I liked it. Love Bug spent the weekend with friends. Bella and Beary were cared for by another of my girlfriends.

Me? I went to Melbourne for the weekend. Not for work. Not on holidays with my Love Bug. But for me. A trip purely for me, because the opportunity arose and I grabbed it with both hands. Or rather grabbed it by the big strong hand.

From not checking myself in on departure, to not needing to work out where to go or the best way to get there, I was looked after. And looked after well.

We played tourist in a city that isn’t my own but that I love to explore. We dined and drank with friends. I {window} shopped. We walked, talked, rode trams, ate in laneway cafes, took in the architecture, soaked up the beautiful Autumn sunshine and rugged up against the southern chill.

At so many moments in that 48 hours I consciously breathed in how relaxed, happy and good I felt.

I’m already looking forward to the next getaway!

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  1. alexcellent says:

    That’s lovely! So important for mummas to recharge the batteries!

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