When I get big boobs like you

Another fun-filled episode from the Conversations with My Pre-Schooler series…

{Scene: me walking from the bathroom to my bedroom post-shower, wearing my knickers. Love Bug sitting at the table eating her breakfast. Bella and Beary at her feet hoping she drops something.}

Mumma, when I get big boobs like you, I will be able to feed my bubba too.

{Those of you who know me: stop laughing. Those of you who don’t I have been a small B-cup at best my whole life, with the exception of a couple of months after I had Love Bug.}

When I get big boobs like you

Some people feed their bubbas like that Love Bug, and some of them feed with baby bottles. When you are a grown up, you will decide what you’d like to do.

But where do you open them to put the milk in?

When you have a bubba, your body does some pretty amazing things. One of them is making milk for your bubba to drink. Not for all people, but mostly. That’s another reason it’s really important to drink lots of water and eat healthy food.

{Pause while she contemplates this and I do a little dance on the spot to keep warm. Looks down at her chest.}

Mumma, I think I will just feed my baby with a bottle because I don’t think my boobs will ever be like yours. Yours aren’t so big any more because I drank all of the milk out of them.

{Turns back to her breakfast. Conversation over. Return to normal programming.}

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