Our leaders are a joke. But not the funny kind.

Our leaders are a joke. But not the funny kind.

It’s embarrassing to be an Australian today.

It’s embarrassing that the leaders elected by the majority of the people {not I though, I hasten to add} are so out of touch with the majority of the people they supposedly represent.

73% of Australians want Marriage Equality. 73%. Seventy-three percent. With almost 24 million people in Australia, that is a lot of people who want everyone – no matter their sex, or their sexual preference – to be treated as equal.

So what did the Coalition party room {made up of National and Liberal MPs} do? They voted 66 to 33 against having a free vote on Marriage Equality.

Yes, that’s right, 66% of them voted against Marriage Equality. Our leaders are a joke. But not the funny kind.

Someone needs to tell them that the 1950s are over. People need to take action, not just sit back and think to themselves that’s not good enough. You’re only one person? So am I yet I took a couple of minutes and wrote to people who represent the Coalition and told them what I thought of their archaic, backward-thinking position on this basic human right.

Here, Tim Watts MP speaks about his Uncle Derek; and here Tanya Pilbersek MP speaks in support of rainbow families, and same-sex attracted young people. A couple of pieces from supportive, caring leaders. May leaders with those values be our future.

The next election can not come soon enough. It’s time to move forward and celebrate acceptance and LOVE – however that looks from where you’re sitting.

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