Yet another amazing initiative, because: dogs.

Man alive I love the interwebs. Really. I truly do. I mean, I love to hate it some days because it brings the horrors right to my hand-held device and into my heart. But then a story will appear, something I would not have known about otherwise, and that story eases some of the despair brought in by the horror stories.

This story came up in my feed over the weekend, and it is stuck in my mind. I have shared it on all manner of social media to get the word out. Yet another amazing initiative, because: dogs. The nature of dogs. The calming qualities they bring. The peace and companionship one feels when they are around.

Yet another amazing initiative
Courthouse Dog Molly B providing comfort to victim

Having had recent experience with the court system and children, I think the Courthouse Dogs Foundation are onto an amazing practice. Any kind of trauma questioning is hard. Whether you are the innocent or {I imagine} otherwise. The surroundings are unfamiliar. The atmosphere is serious and stressful. To have had a dog curled up on the couch beside us, or laying at our feet, would have been wonderful. I know our dogs got extra cuddles {if that’s possible!} during those extra stressful days.

Courthouse Dogs currently have 87 dogs in justice facilities around the US, but their dream is for this to be a global practice. I sure hope their dream becomes a reality.


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