Sydney real estate you are killing me

I’ve been a little edgy at home of late. I walk from room to room feeling like things need changing. Having always been a girl who likes to change things up, I put it down to that.

Until I realised the other day that I wasn’t really actioning the tweaks and changes that were popping into my head. Why? Fear of having to move. We’ve moved four times since Love Bug was born {yes, she is only four} and notification of needing to move has come around this time of year. I think the underlying fear that it may happen again {with our current lease expiring early December} has frightened me to inaction.

To get a step ahead … and so I can go ahead with my little back garden project … I reached out to our real estate agent to see if we could sign another 12 month lease. After a few days they came back to me.

You can, for an extra $40 per week. Okay, so $40 per week doesn’t sound like too much in the scheme of things – but what it does is take our rent to an almost incredulous amount each week.

Sydney real estate you are killing me
Jokes … this is Strickland House. We could not afford to rent the front gate!

On the upside I suppose {desperate for a silver lining} I won’t be paying so much in fees next year. I’ll still be paying school fees and before and after school fees, but they won’t be as high as they are currently.

Sydney real estate you are killing me. In the very least, you are killing any option to save or go on holidays!

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  1. Karen says:

    I would seriously go back and say you’re prepared to pay an additional $20/week – it costs a fair bit for owners to relet so I would try – worst case they stick to their $40….
    I have a property in the area and great tenants so my instructions to agent were to try for a slight increase but if tenant baulks at all to reduce the increase I don’t want to have the hassle of re-letting…sorry to poke my nose in…..

  2. Staying put will feel good. I hope it works out. A garden will be great fun for both of you.

    1. We all love our garden, particularly as the weather warms up.

  3. Bec Johnson says:

    I was just about to say the same as Karen below. $40 is a huge increase! I would definitely ask for reduced increase because after all there is no harm in asking and if you are good tenants (which i’m sure you are) then you have a good chance of the landlord being more flexible.

  4. Yep try negotiation.
    Maybe need to start a single mothers holiday house swap program for an affordable holiday?!

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