A little misconception

I feel like I need to clear up a little misconception. On Sunday evening I posted this photo to social media as part of my 365 days of gratitude series.

A little misconception

I tagged it:
#365daysofgratitude {day 287: the photo I’ve waited over two decades for. I look almost as happy as I feel!}#friendship #love #worththewait

I have had a few people privately reach out to me and ask me if I’ve finally found love – or if I’ve been having some clandestine relationship for two decades that is now out of the closet.

No, and no.

Well, actually yes I do love this man. He is a very dear friend. If you are a regular reader, you’ll probably have some idea who he is.

But no, we have not been having any kind of clandestine relationship, just a wonderful friendship which has now turned the page to a new chapter!

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  1. Gah, I will be honest – I was hoping desperately that this was a ‘true love story’. Nonetheless, I am thrilled that you have your friend back 🙂 xx

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